Alessia Russo Brother

Alessia Russo Brother: Meet Luca And Giorgio, Parents And Family Ethnicity

Alessia Russo Brother: She has two siblings, Luca And Giorgio. Stay with us to know more about her family and ethnic background.

Alessia Russo is a 24-year-old English striker who recently completed a transfer to Arsenal from Manchester United.

She is expected to start as England’s main forward at the 2023 World Cup finals.

Russo is considered one of the best forwards in the world and leads the race to be the Lionesses’ starting No. 9 at the Women’s World Cup.

She has been praised for her skills and is known for her attention-grabbing back-heel against Sweden.

Russo has signed a permanent deal with Arsenal, and the length of the contract is currently undisclosed. She has spoken about the “real family feel” around the Arsenal training ground and how she feels integrated and part of one club.

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Alessia Russo Brother: Meet Luca And Giorgio

Alessia Russo has two older brothers named Luca and Giorgio. Both of them also pursued a career in football.

However, not much information is available about Luca and Giorgio Russo’s football careers.

It is known that Russo’s father, Mario, passed on his love for Manchester United to her and her brothers.

The family grew up in Maidstone, Kent, where Russo started playing football as a child.

Alessia Russo Brother
Alessia Russo With her Brother. (Image Source: Instagram)

In a podcast interview with The Petrie Pod, Russo talked about her family and how they have always supported her football career. She mentioned that her brothers are her biggest critics and that they always give her honest feedback.

Russo also talked about her Sicilian grandfather, who she says is her biggest fan and has always been there for her.

Overall, there is not much information available about Luca and Giorgio Russo’s football careers. However, it is clear that they come from a football-loving family and have been supportive of their sister’s career.

Alessia Russo Parents And Ethnicity

Alessia Russo was born on February 8, 1999, in Maidstone, Kent, England. Here is some information about her parents and ethnicity:Parents: Alessia Russo’s father is Mario Russo, and her mother is Carol Russo

Mario Russo is from England, and Carol Russo is from Maidstone, Kent.

Mario Russo played non-league football for the Metropolitan Police. Alessia Russo has mentioned in interviews that her family has always been supportive of her football career

Alessia Russo Parents
Alessia Russo with her family. (Image Source: Instagram)

Ethnicity: Alessia Russo is of Italian descent.

Her Sicilian grandfather moved to England from Italy in the 1950s.
Her Italian heritage has influenced her football career, as her family has a strong football background. Her father, Mario Russo, and her brothers, Giorgio and Luca, have all been involved in football at various levels.

Overall, Alessia Russo’s parents are Mario Russo and Carol Russo, and she is of Italian descent. Her family has played a significant role in her football journey, with her father and brothers also having a passion for the sport.

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