Alexandra Shipp Husband

Alexandra Shipp Husband: Meet David Andres

Who is Alexandra Shipp Husband? She was born in Phoenix, Arizona, on July 16, 1991.

American actress Alexandra Shippis is famous for portraying various characters in film and television.

She gained recognition for portraying Storm in the X-Men franchise and has appeared in movies like “X-Men: Apocalypse” and “Dark Phoenix.” With a captivating presence on screen, Shipp has also been a part of projects like “Shaft” and “Love, Simon.”

Alexandra Shipp’s career has seen significant growth, and she has become a prominent figure in the entertainment industry.

Her impressive filmography showcases her acting prowess, and she continues to be a sought-after actress in Hollywood, taking on challenging roles and contributing to diverse narratives in cinema and television.

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Alexandra Shipp Husband: Meet David Andres

 Alexandra Shipp is not married to David Anders, a well-known actor who has appeared in several TV shows and films. 

She was previously associated with television and stage actor David Anders and Scottish actor James McAvoy, who was previously married to Ann-Marie Duff. 

Alexandra Shipp Husband
Alexandra Shipp with his ex-boyfriend David Andres (source: Teenvogue)

According to rumors, Alexandra and her “X-Men” co-star McAvoy were considered dating following the actor’s divorce from Duff.

Alexandra Shipp’s relationship with Anders is unknown when it began; however, in 2013, the actor posted a beautiful snapshot of himself and Alexandra on his Twitter profile with the caption: “Love at a young age? Yup.”

While admitting to being a part of the LGBTQ community, Alexandra has kept her love life private. It’s not apparent if she’s single or in a relationship.

While David Anders is well-known for his profession, he prefers to keep his personal life private, like his wife, Alexandra Shipp.

Alexandra starred in Hayley Kiyoko’s music video for “Chance” a few days after she claimed she was a part of the gay community. The beautiful narrative of Kiyoko and Alexandra’s characters falling in love is told in the music video.

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Is Alexandra Shipp Gay? Sexuality Explored

Alexandra Shipp openly identified as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, especially the queer community. This announcement was made to mark the start of Pride Month. 

While Alexandra Shipp’s actual sexual orientation was not indicated in the sources, she recognized her connection to the LGBTQ+ community, implying that she is a member somehow.

Alexandra Shipp Husband
Alexandra Shipp with his father (source: Amomama)

Shipp began her post with a rainbow of loving emojis, and she talked about coming out at the age of 28 and the worries that kept her from telling the rest of the world. 

“I struggled not just with my sexuality but also my femininity.” “I was afraid it was too late,” the 29-year-old actress wrote. “I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to.”

Shipp describes her continual worry as “exhausting,” but she now enjoys a degree of joy that she does not believe her younger self “could conceive.”

Shipp is openly celebrating Pride Month, having just co-starred in the rom-com-style music video for Hayley Kiyoko’s new song “Chance.” Shipp portrays Kiyoko’s love interest, who always manages to elude her. 

Kiyoko, who is homosexual, wrote a series of applauding hand emojis beneath Shipp’s emotional post, then a wholehearted, rainbow emoji-adorned “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” under Shipp’s post praising the music video.

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