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BBC Paul Breach Net Worth In 2023

BBC Paul Breach Net Worth In 2023: How much does the tiktoker earn? Why is his death news trending on internet? Is he dead or alive?

Paul Breach, an English TikToker and photographer, is also known by his nicknames beautybeyondthe_eye and snapshot_eye. He became a lolcow on the platform as a result of others finding his work to be embarrassing or amusing in equal measure.

In 2021, Breach first gained widespread attention on TikTok after posting a song — which has since been removed — in which he joked about allowing football player Jack Grealish to “breed” him.

After that, in 2022, he became famous once more for dancing and lip syncing to the song “Green Green Grass” by George Ezra many times. This video went viral.

Throughout the year 2022, many users accused Breach of being “creepy” during his TikTok livestreams and of allegedly taking advantage of and grooming his young audience. Breach denied all of the allegations.

The criticism of Paul Breach and his work led to the creation of a Reddit subreddit with the name /r/paulbreachsnark in June of the same year.

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BBC Paul Breach Net Worth In 2023

According to Michael Giblin on TikTok, Paul Breach’s weekly earnings place him in the top ten percent of all British earners on the app. This is based on how much money Paul earns.

Michael says that Paul earns 112.1k diamonds, which are given from people watching his video, and then the diamonds are transformed into cash. So let’s get right into it, shall we? Paul made close to £457 by broadcasting live three times throughout the previous week, Monday through Wednesday.

After that, Michael determined how much Paul had made from the creator fund by downloading all of Paul’s TikTok statistics and working backwards. Over the course of the past week, he’s had over 23 million views.

He produced a table and determined that Paul has made at least £267.14 from the videos he puts on his channel based on the number of views and likes they have received.

Michael predicts that figure will most likely be higher considering the fact that he hasn’t factored in the views that he will get on the videos that he uploaded the week before this week.

paul breach net worth
Paul Breach is an english TikToker and photographer (Source: HappyMag)

After that, Michael checked out the Cameo profile of Paul Breach. Therefore, Paul levies a fee of £41 for each film he creates for users of Android and a fee of £47.99 for each video he creates for users of Apple.

Because Cameo gets 25 percent of the revenue, and Apple takes an additional 30 percent, Michael estimates that Paul probably made somewhere in the neighborhood of 256 pounds last week due to the number of movies he uploaded and the nine reviews he received.

Michael argues that this figure might be substantially higher given that not everyone who purchases a video also writes a review of it on the website.

Michael estimates that Paul might have made at least £980 for the previous week given his work ethic. In other words, if Paul’s weeks continue to be like this on average, he might be able to earn £50,000 in a single year.

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