Brother Polight Wife

Brother Polight Wife: Is He Married? Relationship Timeline

Brother Polight wife: Is he married to Orocho? The relationship between Brother Polight and his girlfriend Orocho, also known as Linda Arocho, lasted for more than a year. 

The latest allegations that Brother Polight sexually assaulted his own girlfriend’s teenage daughter have caused a commotion on social media. Michael Noak is what he’s known as in real life as Brother Polight.

Brother Polight is a well-known character on social media, particularly within the black community, where he is recognized as a guide and a somebody who encourages a positive and upbeat outlook on life. To everyone in the community, he is simply referred to as the Brother.

Brother Polight, also known as Michael Noak, is a mentor who writes books about optimism and has given optimistic thoughts and ideas to a large number of individuals up to this point. His works may be found on Amazon.

Nevertheless, the current news has undoubtedly left the general public with a number of conflicting thoughts, and they are curious about the actual incident.

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Brother Polight Wife: Is He Married?

Brother Polight Wife: Is He Married? It is speculated that the woman’s name is Orocho, and she is 31 years old. Brother Polight’s girlfriend is a mother. But there is no information about them being married.

Additionally, the video reveals that Brother Polight and his girlfriend dated for close to a year before breaking up. In any case, the media is not informed about the professional history of his partner.

Brother Polight Wife
Brother Polight Wife (Source: Facebook)

It has been stated that Orocho has a daughter who is 14 years old but whose identity has not been disclosed. It appears as though the girl was living with the couple.

The accused victim in this case is the same girl who is involved in the rape case involving Brother Polight’s fiancée.

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Brother Polight Rape Charges: When Was He Arrested?

According to Hip-Hop Vibe, Brother Polight has supposedly been detained for the rape claims that were brought against him.

On Wednesday, it became public knowledge that Brother Polight, whose actual name is Michael Noak, is accused of sexually assaulting a girl who is 14 years old and is the daughter of his girlfriend.

According to what is shown in the video that is uploaded below, Polight requested that his girlfriend bring her daughter, who is 14 years old, to an afterparty in an effort to mend the bond that exists between the mother and her daughter.

Brother Polight Wife
Brother Polight Wife (Source: Facebook)

Polight is accused of taking the underage girl to a hotel in Miami in order to wait until the club opens. When they arrived at the club, it was still closed, so Polight took her there.

The information that has been gathered suggests that Polight got the girl to dance with him after she was made to consume an excessive number of alcohol by him.

It was stated that the man groped her as she was dancing and started groping various different parts of her body.

The girl known as TS, who was only 14 years old at the time, was unable to provide much assistance and was eventually escorted to the room.

In the room, as the girl was losing consciousness, Noak is said to have groped her while also removing his pants and subjecting himself to sexual assault before returning them to his body.

Brother Polight Allegations

The allegations of rape against Brother Polight appear to be real, at least according to the account that has been heard on social media, but the information that can confirm these allegations has not yet been disclosed.

During the course of the investigation into the allegations of rape leveled against Brother Polight, it was discovered that Polight was the one who brought the young woman to her mother, Orocho. Orocho was residing at a neighboring motel at the time.

When Brother Polight’s girlfriend saw her daughter, she immediately recognized that her daughter was under the influence of alcohol and had been drugged to some extent.

She also saw considerable swelling in many places of the victim’s body, including the lips.

When Orocho saw how her daughter was feeling, she did not waste any time in rushing her to the nearest hospital for a complete examination. Her daughter is 14 years old.

It is said that the doctors performed a checkup on the girl and that while they were doing so, they sent her clothing to the forensics department for further examination.

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