CoCo Vandeweghe Pregnant

CoCo Vandeweghe Pregnant Rumors After Her Retirement

CoCo Vandeweghe Pregnant Rumors make her fans curious, as her recent appearance in the game has sparked news about her personal life.

Colleen “CoCo” Vandeweghe is an American former professional tennis player. A former junior US Open champion and top 10 singles player, she won two WTA Tour titles at the Rosmalen Grass Court Championships.

She is renowned for having one of the most powerful serves on the tour. In 2014, she had the third-most aces on tour with 306. She plays aggressively, preferring to take the ball early and on the rise on both sides. Her groundstrokes, particularly her forehand, are heavy and delivered flat and powerfully.

She is quick on the net and prefers to go ahead to prevent long rallies. She has a solid mental game as a result of her steady serve. Her most significant shortcomings are overall fitness and movement, which she has steadily improved. Her favorite shot is a down-the-line forehand, and she prefers hard and grass courts.

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CoCo Vandeweghe Pregnant Rumors After Her Retirement

CoCo Vandeweghe’s retirement as a professional tennis player has sparked rumors and curiosity about her personal life, particularly her pregnancy.

CoCo Vandeweghe noted for her extraordinary tennis career, announced her retirement from professional tennis at 31. 

CoCo Vandeweghe Pregnant
Tennis pro Gail Brodsky before she lost weight (left) and today at 140 pounds (source: Nypost

Fans in the tennis community were divided over her choice to retire. As she says farewell to her judicial career, rumors have circulated that she may be pregnant in 2023.

Her pregnancy speculations in 2023 have created attention and speculation among her fans and tennis fans. However, as of the sources cited, there has been no formal confirmation of Vandeweghe’s pregnancy from her or her team.

Vandeweghe has not publicly addressed the pregnancy rumors, and her retirement statement mainly focused on her satisfaction with her tennis career and her decision to withdraw from professional play.

While some fans may have detected a little weight change in CoCo Vandeweghe, it is critical to distinguish between speculation and truth.

Weight fluctuations can occur for various causes; thus, they do not confirm pregnancy.

CoCo’s dedication to her tennis career and active participation in recent tournaments lends credence to the pregnancy speculations. Her attention is still on her tennis career, and she enjoys the sport.

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CoCo Vandeweghe Husband: Is She Married?

The American tennis player CoCo Vandeweghe is not married but is in a committed and long-term relationship with her boyfriend, Kyle Filippelli.

Since 2019, the couple has been together, and their bond has grown stronger. CoCo has remarked about how her boyfriend was instrumental in the collaboration between Hologic and WTA.

CoCo Vandeweghe Pregnant
CoCo Vandeweghe with her husband Kyle Filippelli. (source: Sandiegouniontribune)

Kyle Filippelli acknowledged their romance on the red carpet at the Players Tribune event in Dream Hollywood.

CoCo and Kyle have been inseparable since then. They like spending time together and participating in hobbies such as scuba diving, golf, and tennis.

She routinely posts images of their excursions and memorable moments on her social media accounts, giving her fans a window into their lovely relationship.

While CoCo’s tennis career has taken center stage, her friendship with Kyle has been a source of joy and support.

They are a lively and loving pair who inspire others with their strong friendship and shared interests.

Perhaps the couple is planning a wedding soon. It’s no surprise that fans are excited to witness the tennis player walk down the aisle with her spouse.


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