Craig Ferguson Son

Who Is Craig Ferguson Son Milo Hamish Ferguson? Family Ethnicity

As an animator, Craig Ferguson Son, Milo Hamish Ferguson, has been a trending name in Hollywood.

Craig Ferguson, a multi-talented Scottish-American, has established himself as a comedian, actor, writer, and television host.

His most notable work was as the host of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS, for which he received a Peabody Award.

He also hosted the syndicated game program Celebrity Name Game, for which he won two Daytime Emmy Awards. In addition, as the host of Join or Die with Craig Ferguson on the History Channel, he delves into historical debates.

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Who Is Craig Ferguson Son Milo Hamish Ferguson? 

Milo Hamish Ferguson is Craig Ferguson’s son from his previous marriage to Sascha Ferguson.

They married on July 18, 1998, and had their first child, Milo Hamish Ferguson, in 2001. They looked to be happy at first, but their relationship slowly worsened.

Craig Ferguson Son
Craig Ferguson Son with his mother (source: Decider)

Sascha filed for divorce in September 2004, terminating their six-year marriage while Milo was just three.

Milo was given joint custody by the marriage, with his mother having primary custody and his father making frequent trips to spend time with him.

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After her divorce from Craig Ferguson, Sascha Ferguson, a former actress known for her part in “The Big Tease,” walked away from the silver screen and social gatherings.

At this time, she kept a low profile and concentrated on numerous activities, including managing a spy school and acting as CEO of academies, teaching pilates, dancing, and other classes.

Milo Hamish also has a half-brother named Liam James Ferguson, the result of Craig’s third marriage to Megan Wallace Cunningham.

Milo Hamish Ferguson has emerged as a young artist who significantly impacts the fine arts field today.

It’s hardly unexpected, given that his parents are both artists and performers.

He likes sharing his artwork with the general public and entertaining and mesmerizing audiences with his talent.

Craig Ferguson Son Milo Hamish Ferguson: Family Ethnicity Explored

Milo Hamish Ferguson is the son of Craig Ferguson, a well-known comedian and television broadcaster. However, there is scant information on his family’s ethnicity in the sources presented.

Milo enthusiastically continues this creative tradition. Despite his creative interests and rising public status, Milo keeps his personal life private.

Craig Ferguson Son
Craig Ferguson Father and mother (source: Ecelebritymirror)

Craig Ferguson’s kid has greatly loved the fine arts from an early age, and he now avidly pursues his interest in this profession.

Milo Hamish Ferguson has experimented with animation. He is known as an animator, demonstrating his aptitude in a creative profession similar to his father’s.

Milo Hamish Ferguson comes from a creative family. His father, Craig Ferguson, is a well-known Scottish-American comedian, actor, writer, and television host in the United States and the United Kingdom. His mother is Megan Wallace Cunningham.

Milo’s passion and love for the arts have earned him a devoted following as he pursues his aspirations thoroughly.

We send our best wishes to Milo Hamish Ferguson as he continues on his creative adventure, hoping he discovers boundless potential in visual arts.

Milo is ready to reach new heights in the art world, thanks to his skill and the everlasting support of his family.

While Craig Ferguson’s comic talent continues to fascinate and inspire audiences, it is clear that his son, Milo, is making his path.


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