Debbie McGee Illness

Debbie McGee Illness: Cancer And Health Update

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Debbie McGee is an English television, radio, and performer born in Surrey, England on October 31, 1958.

She is best known as the assistant and widow of magician Paul Daniels. Daniels always mentions McGee on his TV shows as “The lovely Debbie McGee,” a chapter that entered famous culture as a stereotype for magicians’ assistants.

Daniels and McGee were married in Buckinghamshire in April 1988.

In 2004, McGee presented Box Jumpers, a two-part radio documentary about magician’s assistants for BBC Radio 4.

She works as a radio presenter for BBC Radio Berkshire, where, since June 8, 2008, she has presented a regular Sunday morning show from 9 a.m. to noon.

Debbie McGee is also a public speaker and a stage performer .

She has appeared on various television shows, including The Mrs. Merton Show in 1995, where she was questioned, “What first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?

In a 2022 interview with Times Radio, McGee talked about life after the death of Paul Daniels.

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Debbie McGee Illness

Debbie  is also well known as the assistant and widow of magician Paul Daniels

While talking about Debbie McGee illness, she has had a history with cancer.

In January 2019, McGee announced on “This Morning” that she had control of the early stages of breast cancer in 2018, but after a minor surgical procedure, she was given the all-clear.

Moreover, she has been open about her cancer battle and has encouraged women to get checked regularly.

Additionally, Debbie claimed that despite having regular mammograms every two years, she had never likely thought of being diagnosed with cancer.

Debbie McGee Illness
Debbie McGee performing in The Anvil Basingstoke. (Image Source: Instagram)

Despite her illness, McGee has continued to work and participate in charity events. Her pastimes include golf, and she has played in celebrity charity events.

Moreover, Debbie McGee, who was married to Paul for 28 years, claimed that being without Paul made her feel “vulnerable” and alone and that it was much harder to deal with.

The Strictly competitor, who competed in 2017 alongside Giovanni Pernice, claimed that she found the courage to continue by imagining how Paul would have handled the prognosis.

Debbie McGee Cancer and Health Update

Debbie McGee, the English television, radio, and stage performer, was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2018.

Additionally, She underwent surgery to remove the cancerous tissue found during a routine screening and was given the all-clear after a minor surgical procedure.

Also, in an interview with The Sun, she revealed that her grief for her late husband Paul Daniels may have set off the cancer.

Moreover, Debbie has been open about her cancer battle and has encouraged women to get checked regularly.

She has also urged women to sort out their regular mammograms and other cancer screenings.

However, Debbie will not have to undergo chemotherapy, but she must rest following her operation.

In a recent interview, she admitted crying after being diagnosed with breast cancer because Paul wasn’t there to discuss it.

Despite her illness, Debbie has continued to work and participate in charity events.

Debbie McGee Family

Debbie was born on October 31, 1958, in Surrey, England. She is best known as the assistant and widow of magician Paul Daniels .

Debbie married Paul Daniels in Buckinghamshire in April 1988, and they were together until his death in 2016 .

She has no children. Additionally, Debbie have also achieved national and international fame through television appearances with Daniels.

Debbie McGee illness
Debbie McGee also appeared in Master chef. (Image Source: Instagram)

Moreover, she appeared in the The Paul Daniels Magic Show, which had begun in 1979 and continued until 1994 which premiered in BBC1.

The show regularly attracting audiences of 15 million in the UK which was sold to 43 countries .

Debbie and Paul also appeared on The Farm, Five’s version of the RTÉ show Celebrity Farm, in October 2004 .

Moreover, Debbie is currently a radio presenter and has been active in the entertainment industry since 1979.

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