derek alexander death

Derek Alexander Death And Obituary: Ohio Murder Case

Derek Alexander Death: Derek Alexander was shot and killed at an apartment complex on MLK Drive. 

The Atlanta community was shaken by a tragic incident involving the murder of Derek Alexander. This harrowing event unfolded in the Creekside at Adamsville neighborhood in southwest Atlanta.

On that fateful day, Derek Alexander was sitting in his 2016 Toyota Corolla when gunfire erupted, resulting in his untimely death. The details of this case are still emerging, and an investigation is underway to uncover the circumstances surrounding Derek Alexander’s murder.

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Derek Alexander Death And Obituary

According to the provided source, Derek sustained gunshot wounds to his leg and neck during the incident, and he was tragically pronounced dead at the scene.

One critical development in the case is the apprehension of a suspect named Quataven Williams, who is reported to be in jail in connection with this murder. The motive behind the shooting and any additional information regarding the case remain subjects of investigation by law enforcement agencies.

derek alexander death
21-year-old was found shot to death in April at SW Atlanta apartments (Source: FoxNews)

Cases like the Derek Alexander murder serve as a stark reminder of the need for community safety and effective law enforcement efforts.

The Atlanta community mourns the loss of Derek Alexander, and as the investigation progresses, more information may come to light, shedding further insight into this tragic event.

It has been five months since a business student at Georgia State University was shot and killed. In April of 2017, Derek Alexander was killed inside of an apartment building located on MLK Drive. One individual is now incarcerated. The authorities are seeking for two more people.

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Derek Alexander Ohio Murder Case

Now, the family of the victim is channeling their grief into volunteer work in the community. Deidra Alexander has stated that her family is paying tribute to the memories of her brother by organizing a fundraiser for local young soccer teams.

In the suburb of Creekside at Adamsville, which is located in southwest Atlanta, Derek Alexander was fatally shot and killed as he was sitting in his car.

“When I get engaged and when I get married and all of those things, that’s stuff that I thought my brother would be here for,” said Deidra Alexander.

Deidra was four years older than Derek when they were both born. The common interest in soccer that she and her younger brother shared brought them closer together. “Derek ended up going and playing in Europe during his senior year of high school,” Deidra said.

derek alexander death
Quataven Williams was taken into custody by the police (Source: PNJ)

Alexander, who is now a local prosecutor, uses social media on a consistent basis to spread awareness about her brother’s case. She says that she does this “to try to still get justice for my brother, to make sure nobody forgets, not only what happened to him but who Derek was as a person.”

Alexander and her family are devoting their time and energy to alleviating the suffering of young people. Donations are being solicited for the Lifeline Animal Project by these people.

They were able to raise hundreds of dollars for Derek’s interest, which was to donate to several junior soccer teams in the metro Atlanta area. “All of that money is going to kids who play travel soccer, who can’t afford to pay for their club soccer fees or afford their uniforms,” Alexander said. “Those kids are the ones who really need it.”

The charges against Quataven Williams include murder, aggravated assault, and crimes involving weapons. The investigators have not provided any information regarding a possible motive as of yet.

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