Derrick Lewis Mugshot

Derrick Lewis Mugshot: Was He Arrested Charged For Driving 136 MPH?

Derrick Lewis mugshot, taken after his arrest for reckless driving, instantly drew worldwide notice and provoked debate among MMA fans and the general public.

Derrick Lewis was born on February 7, 1985. He is a well-known American professional MMA fighter.

Derrick competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight division.

Furthermore, with a professional career stretching back to 2010, the player boasts incredible records for the most knockouts in UFC history; he has demonstrated his talents everywhere.

He also demonstrated his abilities in famous organizations, such as Bellator MMA and Legacy FC. Previously, he held the Heavyweight Championship.

Lewis’ most recent fight, on July 29, 2023, at UFC 291, was against Mracos Rogerio de Lima.

Lewis is well-known for his traditional heavyweight fighting technique. He is well known for his incredible knockout power and commanding physique.

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Derrick Lewis Mugshot: Is He In Prison Or On Bail?

Derrick Lewis Mugshot made news following his latest DUI arrest. He got into legal difficulties in Texas.

In addition, the athlete was detained on suspicion of dangerous driving. According to Harris County Court records, Iris is a misdemeanour.

Lewis was accused of driving his automobile “illegally and recklessly,” according to the complaint. He was unconcerned about the safety of people or property.

Derrick Lewis Mugshot
Derrick Lewis arrested for driving Lamborghini 86mph over speed limit days before UFC fight (source: Talksport)

Derrick’s claimed actions included excessive speeding and dangerous lane changes. Furthermore, the player was driving erratically.

According to an ABC 13 story, he travelled in a 136 mph zone with a 50 mph speed restriction. At the time, he was driving a red Lamborghini.

Despite the arrest, the UFC fighter is still slated to compete in the main event of UFC Fight Night in Sao Paulo, Brazil, against Jailton Almeida.

Mr. Lewus has gone to Brazil and is taking part in the fight activities, according to UFC authorities.

Mr Derrick’s counsel has not responded to the occurrence as of that time. He also has the most impressive championship in UFC history, with 27 wins, 11 defeats, and one no-contest.

Was The Fighter Arrested And Charged For Driving 136 MPH?

Just days before his scheduled UFC battle in Sau Paulo, Brazil, the UFC fighter got involved in legal difficulties.

Lewis was detained and accused of driving recklessly. He was travelling at a mind-boggling 136 mph in a 50 mph zone.

Former UFC welterweight Ben Askren defended Lewis’ action. Going quickly may be enjoyable, he said, as long as you’re not in a residential area.

Mr Ben recognized that Lewis drove a Lamborghini and wanted to press the accelerator.

In addition, the celebrity was finally freed on a personal recognizance bond of $100, with a court hearing set for December 27.

According to court papers, the winner demonstrated a disregard for safety by driving at a breakneck pace. 

The incident occurred when the MMA fighter drove past a law enforcement officer. He was swerving in and out of traffic in his red Lamborghini.

The World Champion, who has the most knock-puts in UFC history, is now facing a charge. If convicted, he could face up to 30 days in prison or a $200 fine.

The arrest could not have come at a worse moment for Lewis, who was preparing for his main event. 


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