Diana And Roma Nationality

Diana And Roma Nationality: Parents And Net Worth

Diana And Roma Nationality has been a topic of discussion among their YouTube fans as many are curious about their parents and networth.

Diana and Roma are popular child YouTubers who can be found on the “Kids Diana Show” channel. The channel has a wide range of material starring Diana and Roma, including adventure series, escape room challenges, hilarious challenges, and more. They are well-known for their amusing and family-friendly videos with a broad audience.

According to the information presented, the “Kids Diana Show” channel has reached a massive milestone by exceeding 100 million followers, making it one of YouTube’s most prominent influencer channels. Diana and Roma, the family behind the Kids Diana Show, have garnered global acclaim for their material.

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Diana And Roma Nationality: Meet Their Parents

Diana and Roma are well-known for their “Kids Diana Show” YouTube channel, which has received billions of views globally. The young twins have become internet sensations, with their humorous content winning viewers’ hearts.

Eva Diana Kidisyuk, also known as Kids Diana Show on YouTube, is a Ukrainian-American YouTuber. She co-hosts multiple YouTube channels with her brother Roma and parents Volodymyr and Olena, producing roleplay-oriented children’s entertainment. 

Diana And Roma Nationality
Diana And Roma with her father and mother (source: Insider)

Her main channel is the world’s fifth most-viewed and fifth-most-subscribed channel.

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Their offerings include children’s music, unboxing, vlogging, educational entertainment, and roleplays. Roma Kidisyuk, her older brother, has a YouTube channel called.

Diana and Roma are Ukrainian siblings best known for their entertaining and informative YouTube videos on the “Kids Diana Show.” Diana was born on February 1, 2012, and Roma was born on February 23, 2016, making them 11 and 7 years old.

Diana and Roma, both from Ukraine, have become internet sensations thanks to their parents’ support and active participation in their YouTube channel, “Kids Diana Show.” They have collaborated to build an entertaining and instructive digital space that has attracted people worldwide.

Diana And Roma Net Worth Explored

Diana and Roma’s net worth is estimated at $100 million in 2023. Get the most recent Diana And Roma earnings, income, salary, assets, expenditures, career, and other information.

Diana And Roma, the well-known YouTube stars of Ukraine’s most-subscribed YouTube channel, Kids Diana, have recently gained popularity.

Diana And Roma Nationality
Diana And Roma youtube channel thumbnail (source: Insider)

Pink, plush, princess magic and sibling mischief are all represented in the show. Diana And Roma, a children’s entertainment channel, has over 43 million subscribers on YouTube.

Diana And Roma Net Worth has increased dramatically. According to 2023 updates, the Kids Diana Show is worth more than $100 million, and the Kids Roma Show is worth more than $15 million. 

Diana and Roma’s annual earnings figures indicate that Diana’s children earn roughly $25 million annually. Every month, the Diana Roma Show channel on YouTube receives over 104.82 million views.

With every thousand video views, an ad-supported channel gets money. YouTube monetized channels can make $3 to $7 per thousand video views.

Income can also be generated through marketing their items, taking sponsorships, or generating revenue through affiliate commissions.

Diana And Roma Early Life Details

Babies born on March 31, 2014. Diana is an eight-year-old girl. Roma, born on October 22, 2012, is nine years old. Roma is a Libra, and Diana is a Pisces.

Early videos by wealthy and famous children’s YouTubers specialize in children’s songs, English lessons, toy reviews, and vlogging. Diana and her brother can be seen in recent footage devouring candy bars. 

Concerns from followers’ parents have thrust the channel into the spotlight. Roma has his own Kids Roma Show channel.

The couple is young and will undoubtedly continue to develop. Diana, a cheerful little creature of average stature, has been thrust into the spotlight.

Diana, the vivacious YouTube star of YouTube’s Kids Diana Show, has a tremendous following of 123 million people.

After T-Series and kid-song powerhouse Cocomelon, the show has earned the reputation of being the third-largest channel on YouTube regarding views. Diana appears in her films hosting bizarre and playful experiences with her parents and Diana’s brother, Roma.


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