Halina Reijn Husband

Who Is Halina Reijn Husband? Married Life And Kids

Halina Reijn Husband has been trending on social media as many are curious about her personal life and career.

Halina Reijn is a Dutch actress, screenwriter, and filmmaker. She received professional training at the Maastricht School of Dramatic Arts, where she graduated in 1998. 

She was requested to join the ensemble at the De Trust in the middle of her second year in Maastricht when she was offered the role of Ophelia in Hamlet. 

Among her numerous roles for De Trust, her depiction of Lulu in Shopping and Fucking earned her the renowned Dutch theater award, the Colombina, in 1998 as “Best Supporting Actress.” 

She also appeared in The Cherry Orchard, De laatsten, Koons, and Adel Blank, the last of which was a co-production with De Mexicaanse Hond.

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Who Is Halina Reijn Husband? Married Life 

Halina Reijn is an accomplished Dutch actress and director. While the sources offered provide helpful information on her career, accomplishments, and experiences, they do not specifically describe her marriage or married life. 

Halina Reijn keeps her personal life, including her marital status, very secret, and this information does not appear to be generally available in the public domain.

Halina Reijn Husband
Halina Reijn during her photoshoot (source: Complex)

Halina Reijn is a well-known figure in the entertainment world, best known for her work on stage and cinema. Her professional accomplishments and contributions to the arts are well-documented, but specifics regarding her connections are rarely discussed in the media.

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Reijn debuted her feature film playing in Frouke Fokkema’s semi-autobiographical drama De Omweg (also known as “The Detour”). On November 7, 2000, it was released in Dutch theaters. 

De Trust would merge with another theatrical company titled Art & Pro on January 1, 2001, three years after Reijn joined, and would continue under the new name of de Theatercompagnie. 

Halina Reijn Kids: Family Explored

Halina Reijn is a well-known actress and filmmaker who has made a name for herself in the entertainment sector. 

There is no information on her children or whether she has a son. Regarding her personal life, Halina Reijn is a reserved person who prefers to keep facts about her family, especially her children, secret.

Halina Reijn Husband
Halina Reijn during her movie (source: Variety)

Halina Reijn is the daughter of artists Frank and Fleur Reijn (mother). She was born on November 10, 1975, in the Dutch capital of Amsterdam.

Nonetheless, she grew up in Groningen, the Netherlands, with two sisters, Esther Reijn and Leonora Reijn.

While still a student, Halina Reijn was selected to join the theater company’s ensemble, where she played leading roles in plays like Hamlet as Ophelia and Shopping and Fvcking as Lulu, for which she won the prestigious Colombina theater award in the Netherlands in 1998 for “Best Supporting Actress.”

She joined Toneelgroep Amsterdam’s ensemble in 2003. Halina Reijn has had important parts with Toneelgroep Amsterdam in The Taming of the Shrew.

She appeared in three films in 2006: Tamar van den Dop’s Blind, Willem van de Sande Bakhuyzen’s Blind, and Paul Verhoeven’s Black Book, which was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards. She played Margarethe von Oven alongside Tom Cruise in the 2008 film Valkyrie.


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