Ali Harper Married

Is Ali Harper Married To Lucas England?

Is Ali Harper Married To Lucas England? Many are curious about their relationship as they have been seen on social media.

Ali Harper, the energetic and dynamic newcomer to the ‘Selling the OC’ ensemble, has taken the real estate world by storm. Even though her professional journey is enjoyable, fans are frequently curious about her personal life, particularly her romantic efforts.

She began working in corporate jobs after finishing her schooling. After working for a few companies, her first full-time position was as an Account Executive with Sinclair Broadcast Group in 2015.

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Is Ali Harper Married To Lucas England?

Yes, Ali Harper is in a loving relationship with Lucas England, and they have celebrated their second wedding anniversary in May 2023. Their relationship has been an adventure filled with love and dedication.

Their love tale began when the couple began dating in the summer of 2021. Incidentally, they were neighbors for three years before they married. Their bond grew more robust over time, prompting them to make an important decision in their relationship.

Ali Harper Married
Ali Harper with her husband Lucas England (source: Eduvast)

Ali Harper and Lucas England took a significant step forward in their relationship by moving together in June 2021. This was a crucial milestone in their relationship, emphasizing their strong tie and devotion to one another.

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Lucas England, 42 in 2023, is SYNCREON’s Vice President of Operations, specializing in logistics and supply chain management. His professional history and career are significant features of his life.

Ali Harper, on the other hand, has had a prosperous career. She began as a summer intern and has since worked in public relations, content creation, and pageants, obtaining the title of Miss Tennessee in 2017. Her career shifted into real estate, and she is now navigating the market.

Their relationship has a long-distance component because Ali divides her time between Nashville and Orange County due to Lucas England’s job. Despite the difficulties of distance, they appreciate their time together and have formed a solid and loving bond.

In conclusion, Ali Harper and Lucas England have a lovely relationship, and they will celebrate their second wedding anniversary in May 2023. Their love story demonstrates their dedication and bond.

Ali Harper Early Life And Career Explored

Ali Harper was born on January 28th to an American family in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Alexandra Harper is her given name. There were already two other agents with the first name Alexandra on Selling the OC. As a result, she came up with the nickname Ali for the performance to distinguish herself from others.

Ali Harper Married
Ali Harper during her show (source: Realitytitbit)

She attended the University of Mississippi for Broadcast Journalism after graduating high school. Between 2013 and 2015, she studied Journalism and Communications at the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) for her master’s degree.

A few years later, she followed in her mother’s footsteps and began a modeling career. She eventually won Miss Tenessee 2018 and finished in the top ten in Miss USA that year.

At the same time, she signed with Viacom as an actor and worked a full-time job. In 2018, she appeared in the Viacom television series Music City. She also worked as a PR Communications Manager for Carol Swain Enterprises.


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