Is Glorilla A Man

Is Glorilla A Man? Transgender Rumors- Real Or Fake?

Is Glorilla A Man? Many are curious about the rumor that Sparked a Conspiracy Theory Glorilla is a Man turned Female.

Gloria Hallelujah Woods, better known as GloRilla, is a Memphis, Tennessee-based rapper. She got to notoriety after her 2022 song “F.N.F.” was nominated for Best Rap Performance at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards. Her track “Tomorrow 2” made the Billboard Hot 100 top ten.

GloRilla’s music is described as “crunk and domineering.” Her “deep and textured drawl” is well-known. Chief Keef influenced Woods.

GloRilla has worked with labels like Collective Music Group and Interscope Records. She is well-known for her contributions to hip-hop, crunk, and trap music. 

GloRilla’s prominence has also resulted in her presence on other media platforms, such as Twitter, where she is known as @GloTheofficial. She also has an Instagram account with the handle @glorillapimp.

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Is Glorilla A Man? Transgender Rumors

There have been rumors and conspiracy theories about her gender identification circulating online, with some thinking that she was labeled male at birth and later transitioned to Female. These rumors, however, appear to be incorrect.

According to available information, GloRilla is a female rapper and emerging Memphis rap star. Her unusual stage name, which does not necessarily reflect her gender identification, could be the source of the confusion.

Is Glorilla A Man?
Glorilla during the red carpet show (source: Hollywoodlife)

There is no proof that Glorilla is a transsexual woman other than speculation regarding her body form and voice. Whatever her true gender is, one thing is sure: her music is sweeping the hip-hop world, and for a musician, that’s all that matters.

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GloRilla, whose real identity is unknown to many, has garnered popularity in the music industry for her dynamic style and uplifting songs like “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” that promote female emancipation. 

She has worked with local artists and signed with Yo Gotti’s C.M.G. label, gaining a Grammy nomination and a solid fan base.

Glorilla Trans Conspiracy Theory- Real Or Fake?

Glorilla’s physical appearance has been scrutinized since her ‘F.N.F.’ song with HitKidd launched her name on the map. A popular Twitter thread targeting people who called her unattractive went viral not long ago.

A video of Glorilla strolling with Yo Gotti after she broke up with her lover Dabesonearth became popular on social media a while back. 

Is Glorilla A Man
Glorilla Trans Woman rumor as her video of walking trend on social media (source: Jordanthrilla)

She was only talking and walking in this video, but her clothes revealed her body structure, particularly around her hip and shoulder area.

The hip-to-shoulder ratio is one element of human bone structure that changes substantially between men and women. 

In the video, Glorilla appears to have narrow hips and relatively broad shoulders, which is unusual for a cisgender woman. Furthermore, others believe Glorilla’s deep voice sounds like a man speaking.

According to NCBI, the male pelvic region is often taller and narrower than the female one. Furthermore, the acetabulum in the male hip region is often more lateral than in the female hip region. 

Finally, regarding hip bone structure, there is frequently a substantial variation in the Open Angle between men and women. Glorilla’s Instagram Live video fueled the internet conspiracy theory that she is a trans woman.


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