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Is Ice Spice Black Or White? Race And Origin

Is Ice Spice Black Or White? Stay with us to know about her race and origin.

Ice Spice, also known as Isis Naija Gaston, is an American hip-hop artist who achieved significant recognition in the latter part of 2022 through her track titled “Munch (Feelin’ U).”

This song garnered widespread attention on the social media platform TikTok, ultimately leading to its viral success.

The female artist attained her inaugural placement on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 list through her collaborative effort with Lil Tjay, titled “Gangsta Boo.”

Ice Spice possesses a distinctive cultural heritage, having been raised in the Bronx by a father of African-American descent and a mother of Dominican origin.

In light of her distinctive heritage, individuals exhibit curiosity on the racial and ethnic origins of Ice Spice, prompting the question: “Does Ice Spice identify as Black or White?”

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Is Ice Spice Black Or White? Race And Origin

Ice Spice, also known by her stage name Isis Gaston, is a hip-hop artist hailing from the Bronx, a borough located in New York City. She was born to parents of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Based on the available sources, it is indicated that the individual in question possesses a mixed heritage, specifically being of both Dominican and Black descent. Additionally, it is noteworthy that her paternal figure is recognized as an underground rapper.

In a recent social media post, the individual disclosed their Nigerian heritage, albeit without certainty on their specific tribal affiliation.

The disclosure of her Nigerian ancestry has generated significant attention and enthusiasm among her supporters, leading to a notable reaction.
Ice Spice’s musical style predominantly consists of Bronx Drill, a subgenre of hip-hop originating from the Bronx. Over the past few years, she has emerged as a notable figure in the rap scene.

Ice Spice Black
Ice Spice, also known by her stage name Isis Gaston (Source: People)

The individual in question has acknowledged Sheff G and Pop Smoke as her primary sources of inspiration, while also attributing her musical influences to prominent New York-based artists such as Lil’ Kim, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Foxy Brown, and Remy Ma.

Nevertheless, she has staunchly defended her achievements and refuted any allegations of such nature.

The individual has also been forthcoming regarding her early years in the Bronx, during which she spent a significant portion of her formative years confined indoors as a result of elevated levels of criminal activity in the area.

Ice Spice Black
Ice Spice possesses a distinctive cultural heritage (Source: People)

The parents of the young lady made the decision to enroll her in a Catholic school located in Yonkers throughout her middle school years, with the intention of shielding her from potentially negative influences that may be present at schools inside the Bronx.

In general, Ice Spice’s ethnic background encompasses a combination of Dominican, Black, and Nigerian ancestry, rendering her a prominent figure in the emerging Bronx drill music scene.

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