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Is Ice Spice Hair Real Ginger? Ice Spice Wig Rumors

Is Ice Spice Hair Real Ginger or does she wear a wig? Stay with us to know about her hairstyle.

After a photo that was taken of Ice Spice in her yearbook and posted online, it quickly became quite popular.

The old photograph of the singer from the band Munch (Feelin’ U) that recently went viral showed her with her hair straight and black. People on the internet were surprised to see that she did not naturally have ginger hair after seeing the picture.

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Is Ice Spice Hair Real Ginger? Ice Spice Wig Rumors

A picture of the singer that appears to have been stolen from a high school yearbook was uploaded on the internet on February 8, 2023, and it quickly went viral.

The performer, whose given name is Isis Gaston, was easily recognizable by her sleek head of jet-black hair and beaming grin. Her name as it appeared in the government was also listed below the photo.

Ice Spice Hair Real Ginger
Ice Spice in her highschool yearbook photo (Source: Sportskeeda)

Ice Spice has stated in the past that since she began her career as a singer, she has not had any sort of cosmetic alteration, including surgery, and this revelation has shocked the internet community. During an interview, she stated:

“My hair is as short as f**k, and it is not falling down the back of my neck. Despite the fact that some people try to suggest that I’ve had surgery, my entire body is natural. The only thing that isn’t real about me is my teeth, which were recently whitened. And my nails, I’ve been sporting some fake-ass nails lately.

She went on to explain that she wore wigs in the beginning of her career until she made the decision to embrace her natural hair. The singer was talking about her unique haircut, which is a short ginger cut. Ice Spice has this to say:

“I didn’t show anyone my natural hair until November of 2021, when my album “No Clarity” was released. I observed that it was doing noticeably better than any of the other tasks I had done before. It seems unlikely that my audience was prepared to see me performing in a lace top and heels. I believe that it’s because I’m being authentic that they appreciate it.

Ice Spice Early Life

Ice Spice, now 23 years old, was formerly known as Isis Gaston. (She was only 14 when she created the Instagram account that gave her the name Ice Spice.) At the same time as she was attending SUNY Purchase to study communications and play volleyball, she started releasing music in the year 2021.

Then, in August of this past year, she released a song called “Munch (Feelin’ U),” which was a repetitive rap song about unrequited love and, some may say, female empowerment.

After attracting the attention of Drake, who played it on his Sirius XM radio station, the track was soon discovered on TikTok. After waiting another month, Gaston finally inked a deal with Capitol Records.

Her first extended play, titled Like..?, was released on January 20. Her sound is characterized by a breathy staccato and manages to be both relaxing and lively at the same time; think of it as ASMR for a club rat.

Her tone of voice is soothing but authoritative, and it can either put you to sleep quietly or energize you for a night out on the town. Her music celebrates themes such as self-love, romantic apathy, and misandry that is both kind and delectable.

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