Lucinta Luna Transgender

Is Lucinta Luna Transgender? Sexuality And Partner

Is Lucinta Luna Transgender? Many fans are curious about her sexuality and relationship with her partner.

Ayluna Putri, better known by her stage name Lucinta Luna, is an Indonesian actress, model, singer, and comedian. She identifies as a transgender lady.

Luna began her career as a singer and dancer by competing in a reality program under the alias Cleo Vitri. She later created a duo group called Dua Bunga with vocalist Ratna Pandita.

Luna and three others were detained and taken into custody on February 11, 2020, for alleged possession and consumption of ecstasy.

She was sentenced to one year, six months in prison, and a fine of IDR 10 million. Due to assimilation, Luna was freed from Rutan Kelas IIA Pondok Bambu on February 11, 2021.

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Is Lucinta Luna Transgender? Sexuality Explored

Lucinta Luna, better known as Ayluna Putri, is an Indonesian celebrity who has built a name for herself as a singer, dancer, actress, and model.

She has received much attention for her abilities and life experiences.

Lucinta Luna’s identification as a transgender woman is essential to her public personal life.

She began her career in the entertainment world as Muhammad Fatah on June 16, 1989.

Lucinta Luna Transgende
Lucinta Luna Transgender Before and After (Image source: Liputan6)

She then had gender reassignment surgery, embracing her real identity as Lucinta Luna.

This transition has been an essential aspect of her famous career and has contributed to her distinct identity.

Her singing abilities propelled her to popularity. Her 2018 studio album “Lain stimulus lain dihati” received considerable attention and catapulted her to superstar. 

She joined a duet group named Dua Bunga as a singer and dancer, demonstrating her flexibility in entertainment.

Lucinta Luna has been involved in issues that have garnered media attention despite her triumphs. 

She made headlines in February 2020 when she was detained for alleged drug possession and usage.

Her legal problems have been a difficult chapter in her life, affecting her professional and personal lives.

Who Is Lucinta Luna Dating? Partner And Net Worth

Lucinta Luna’s personal life has piqued the interest of both her followers and the general public.

She has been forthcoming about her romantic relationships and engagements. 

She was previously married to Bigham, a Filipino, before becoming engaged to Dian Ayu Ashari, also known as Abash.

Her openness regarding her love relationships has made her an approachable figure to many of her fans.

Lucinta Luna Transgender
Lucinta Luna with her husband Bigham and kids (Image Source: Hype)

She is a social media sensation with a large following on Instagram.

She has a substantial online presence, connecting with admirers worldwide, thanks to her millions of followers. Her social media presence has led to her fame and success.

In terms of money, Lucinta Luna’s net worth is believed to be over USD 1 million.

Her entertainment sector accomplishments and thriving internet presence have all led to her financial success.

Her journey as an Indonesian transgender celebrity involves self-discovery, talent, controversies, and perseverance.

She has endured both victories and hardships, beginning as Muhammad Fatah and ending as Lucinta Luna.

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