ttf vasan arrested

Is TTF Vasan Arrested? Accident Details

YouTuber TTF Vasan arrested for rash driving on Chennai-Bengaluru National Highway. Stay with us to know more about the case details.

TTF Vasan, a well-known Indian social media influencer and YouTuber, was born in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, in 1999. He became well-known as a Coimbatore-based professional motorbike rider.

TTF Vasan is best known for his popular Twin Throttlers YouTube channel, which has more than a million members. He publishes engrossing content on his channel about his exhilarating bike riding escapades. Unfortunately, particular information on his formal education is not readily available.

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Is TTF Vasan Arrested? Accident Details

TTF Vasan, a YouTuber and driver who was hurt when his bike stunt on the Chennai-Bengaluru National Highway went wrong, was detained by Kancheepuram police on Tuesday.

Vasan being thrown from the bike and landing in the bushes can be seen in a video that has gone viral on social media. While doing a wheelie, he lost control of the two-wheeler.

TTF Vasan, a well-known Tamil YouTuber, was involved in a bike accident on Sunday while performing acrobatics on the road. The collision happened on a service road on the Chennai-Bengaluru highway close to the Tamil Nadu region of Kancheepuram.

ttf vasan arrested
Popular Tamil YouTuber TTF Vasan meets with accident after bike stunts go awry (Source: PinkVilla)

According to sources, Vasan lost control of his bike while overspeeding and pulling a wheelie. He was transferred to a local hospital for treatment after suffering head and body injuries. His state is reportedly steady.

On social media, a video of the incident has gone viral. Vasan can be seen in the video trying to wheelie while riding his bike at a fast pace. His balance slips, causing the bike to skid into the fields next to the road.

Vasan has been the subject of a police complaint for breaching traffic laws and endangering life. Vasan has already made headlines for his reckless riding and bike stunts. He apparently has a history of speeding-related incidents with the administration.

TTF Twin Throttlers is a YouTube channel created by Vasan, a 24-year-old. He is well known for his videos in which he rides costly bikes, pulls stunts, and travels to other locations.

Additionally, he performed as a biker in the movie Khaku Veeran. Vasan’s riding of pricey bikes has earned him a large fan base among children and young people.

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