Justin Gaines Dead

Is Justin Gaines Dead? Missing Case Update

Is Justin Gaines Dead? Stay with us to know about Justin missing case. Georgia mother still looking for answers in son Justin Gaines’s 2007 disappearance.

In 2007, Justin Gaines started his college career as an 18-year-old freshman. At a young age, he relocated to Snellville, Georgia, with his family from Westlake, Ohio.

He was born and raised in Ohio. Growing up in a huge and loving family, he was the second oldest of eight children. His family was very close.

Justin, who was known to be gregarious and approachable, delighted in spending time with his family and friends, especially when it involved outdoor pursuits such as camping, swimming, and going to the beach.

While he was a student at Gainesville State College, which is now known as the University of North Georgia, he continued to keep a close relationship with his family and expressed the desire that one day he would be able to take care of his mother, Erika Wilson.

Justin’s open personality earned him a reputation for his ease in striking up discussions with total strangers and in quickly establishing new friends.

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Is Justin Gaines Dead? Missing Case Update

According to Erika’s statement to Dateline, when it came time for Justin to enroll in college, he was aware that he wanted to remain near to home, where he had his friends and family.

Oakwood, which is home to what was formerly known as Gainesville State College and is now known as the University of North Georgia, is approximately an hour’s drive from Snellville.

The disappearance of Justin occurred only a few months into his freshman year.

Justin Gaines Dead
Erika Wilson with her son, Justin Gaines (Source: NBC News)

In 2007, Justin Gaines, who was then 18 years old, was a first-year student at what was then known as Gainesville State College. “He was really into it.

According to Erika Wilson, who was interviewed by Dateline about her kid, “He would always update me on how he was doing.” Justin’s professor gave him one of his first projects in English to write a paper in which he discussed the progress he had made in his undergraduate career up to that point.

“In his paper, he said that he hoped that one day he would be able to take care of his mom — just like my husband and I took care of him,” she added. “He said that he hoped he would do well.” The town of Westlake in Ohio is where Justin was born.

When he was six years old, his family relocated to the charming community of Snellville, Georgia, which is located just east of Atlanta. Growing up, Justin was part of a large family.

He was the second oldest of eight children, so there was always someone else his age available to play with. Erika shared that her family always enjoyed going swimming, playing games, and going on adventures.

The family spent a lot of time outside, often camping and spending vacations to Myrtle Beach. “We just simply never lacked for a good time,” Erika continued.

Where Was He Last Seen?

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