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Keerthi Pandian Siblings: Parents And Ethnicity

Who is Keerthi Pandian Siblings? Read the article to learn more about it.

Keerthi Pandian is an Indian actress who primarily works in Tamil cinema and theatre.

She was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, on February 18, 1992.

With the Harish Ram-directed adventure movie “Thumbaa,” Keerthi made her film debut in 2019.

Gokul’s survival thriller “Anbirkiniyal,” in which she starred, garnered positive reviews for her performance.

She is also well known for her parts in popular movies like “Anbirkiniyal” (2021) and “Thumbaa” (2019).

Keerthi Pandian hails from a family with experience in the leisure sector. She is the cousin of actress Ramya Pandian and the daughter of politician and actor Arun Pandian.

Keerthi has two sisters, Kavitha Pandian and Kirana Pandian.

In 2023, Keerthi Pandian married actor Ashok Selvan. She intends to work in other film industries besides Tamil cinema.

Keerthi has been recognized for her talent and was awarded the Super Daughter Award by Femina after her lead role in “Thumbaa.”

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Keerthi Pandian Siblings

Keerthi Pandian has two sisters, Kavitha Pandian and Kirana Pandian.

All three sisters share the same parents, Vijaya Pandian and Arun Pandian.

Keerthi comes from a family with a background in the entertainment industry, as her father is an actor and politician, and her cousin Ramya Pandian is also an actress.

Kavitha Pandian is a software design engineer who works at Semaphore Computer Pvt. Ltd.

Keerthi Pandian Siblings
Keerthi Pandian Having fun with her family. (Image Source: GHgossip)

She has a LinkedIn profile where she lists her professional experience and skills.

There are over 40 professionals with the same name on LinkedIn.Kavitha Pandian’s contact information, phone numbers, home addresses, age, background check, white pages, resumes and CV, photos and videos are available on Radaris.

We can expect the Pandian siblings to be there for each other whenever one needs someone to lean on.

Keerthi Pandian Parents

Vijaya Pandian is a professional who works in the field of business development and sales.

She is currently working with 16 Works, where her role is to acquire new clients in the global market.

Moreover, Vijaya Pandian is also the owner of Winways Infosys.

Additionally, she has experience in managing teams of skilled professionals who deliver high-quality products and services to clients.

Arun Pandian is an Indian actor, producer, and politician.

Also, he has worked in the Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam film industries.

Keerthi Pandian Siblings
Keerthi Pandian with her Parents. (Image Source: Twitter)

Arun Pandian made his acting debut in the 1983 Kannada film “Pallavi Anu Pallavi,” directed by Mani Ratnam.

He has acted in over 60 films and has produced several successful films, including “Nayakan” (1987) and “Anjali” (1990).

Arun Pandian has also been involved in politics and was elected as a Member of Parliament from the Tenkasi constituency in Tamil Nadu in 2019.

He is also the founder of A&P Groups, which has interests in real estate, hospitality, and film production.

Keerthi Pandian Ethnicity And Religion

Keerthi Pandian may be of Tamil ethnicity.

Nevertheless, given her name and the fact that she was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

In Tamil Nadu, a state in southern India, most of the people are Tamil.

Additionally, the Tamil ethnic group is indigenous to the northeastern part of Sri Lanka and the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Moreover, they speak Tamil, one of the world’s oldest languages, which is unique to them.

The literature, music, dance, and rich history of Tamil culture are well-known.

While information on her ethnicity is available, the information about her religion is not mentioned.

As 89% of people from Tamil Nadu follow Hinduism, we can expect to be part of the Hindu Community.

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