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Kiri Allen Partner: Engaged To Māni Dunlop, Kids And Family

Kiri Allen partner has been one of the ongoing trends on the internet platform. She is a prominent New Zealand politician and member of Parliament (MP) in the New Zealand House of Representatives.

She belongs to the Labour Party and began her political journey as a list MP in 2017, later winning the East Coast electorate in 2020.

Her political career saw significant accomplishments as she served in various ministerial portfolios, including Minister of Justice from June 2022 to July 2023.

She received praise for handling the March 2021 tsunami warnings during her tenure.

However, her journey was not without challenges. In June 2023, concerns about how she treated her staff led to coaching to foster a positive work environment.

Subsequently, in July 2023, she faced personal and professional difficulties when she was involved in a car crash in Wellington. As a result, Allan resigned from all her ministerial positions after being charged with careless driving and refusing to accompany a police officer.

Beyond her political career, Kiri Allan triumphed over personal struggles, including being diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer in April 2021.

Despite the challenges, she remained committed to her duties. Still, she ultimately decided to resign from her ministerial roles, citing the difficulty of balancing personal difficulties with the demands of being a Minister.

To learn in-depth about Kiri Allen partner read the article below and also get a glimpse into her kids and family.

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Kiri Allen Partner: Engaged To Māni Dunlop

Kiri Allen partner Māni Dunlop is a notable RNZ (Radio New Zealand) presenter.

The two were engaged in September of the previous year, and their relationship made headlines. She was born Kiritapu Lyndsay Allan in 1984

However, in March of the current year, during a farewell event for Māni Dunlop at RNZ’s boardroom, Allan made critical comments about RNZ’s treatment of Māori staff.

He urged the public broadcaster to examine its culture.

Kiri Allan partner
Kiri Allen and her partner Māni having fun. (Image Source: NZHerald)

These comments later became public and led to a public apology from Kiri Allan, as it could have been perceived as an attempt to advise RNZ on managing their staff or company, which was not her intention.

Following Māni Dunlop’s departure from RNZ last week, she mentioned that missing out on a top job at the broadcaster was one of the reasons for her departure.

Allan and Dunlop’s engagement and subsequent relationship were subject to public scrutiny due to Allan’s senior government ministerial position

Kiri Allen Kids And Family

Kiri Allan is a dedicated mother and a strong advocate for her family. She is the proud mother of two children, Hiwaiterangi Allan-Coates and Pikiarero Hazel.

Hiwaiterangi, her daughter, was born in 2017 during her previous relationship with Natalie Coates, a lawyer and former political adviser.

Despite announcing their separation in 2022, Allan and Coates continue co-parenting their daughter.

Later, after meeting Māni Dunlop, a radio host for RNZ National, Allan fell in love again.

In 2022, Allan and Dunlop got engaged, creating a blended family that includes Pikiarero Hazel, Dunlop’s daughter, and Hiwaiterangi, Allan’s daughter.

Allan’s relationship with her family, including her partner and children, is characterized by unshakable support and love.

Kiri Allan Partner
Kiri Allen with her wife and kids having a good time. (Image Source: SCRIBD)

As a mother, Kiri Allan finds immense joy and strength in her children. She often expresses her gratitude for their presence in her life, considering them her “everything.”

Allan’s commitment to co-parenting her biological child and stepchild demonstrates a loving and inclusive family dynamic.

In addition to being a dedicated mother, Kiri Allan has been through immense personal challenges in her political career, but she has consistently strived for a more equitable society.

Her openness about her experiences, upbringing, conversion therapy, and struggles with mental health makes her an inspiration and role model for many, especially within the LGBTQ+ community.

Kiri Allan’s journey as a politician has been eventful, inspirational, and glittering.

Still, recent events have led to her resignation as the justice minister in New Zealand due to charges of reckless driving and refusing to accompany a police officer after a car crash.

Despite her challenges, her dedication to her family and advocacy for a better future remains evident, making her a respected figure in New Zealand politics.

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