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Who Is Lefty SM Girlfriend Maria Isabel? Kids And Family

Lefty SM Girlfriend Maria Isabel: Rapper Lefty SM was married to Maria Isabel, AKA Eza Mary. 

Lefty SM’s musical odyssey began in 1992 amid the dynamic environment of rap and hip-hop, with its roots anchored in his hometown of San Luis Ro Colorado, Sonora. Lefty SM is known for his work in the genres of rap and hip-hop.

However, it wasn’t until 2017 that he reached new professional heights, which drove his career to new heights.

He quickly became a renowned person in the industry by virtue of the fact that he has a skill, was dedicated to his work, and was proficient in the use of digital technology.

It is a credit to his unwavering love and commitment to his craft that he has evolved from a local musician to a prominent presence in Mexican urban music over the course of his career.

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Who Is Lefty SM Girlfriend Maria Isabel? Kids And Family

Maria Isabel, well known by her stage name Eza Mary, was the rapper Lefty SM’s wife.

Keysie and Ciara are the couple’s two daughters from their previous relationship.

As of September 2023, Eza has over 200,000 followers on her Instagram account, which is called ezamaria_. This indicates that she is both a fitness model and a fashion aficionado.

Lefty SM Girlfriend
Lefty SM wife Maria Isabel (Source: TheSun)

It has been claimed that the widow changed her profile photo to include a mourning bow in response to the passing of her husband.

The influencer frequently shares pictures on their social media accounts of them having a good time celebrating their girls’ birthdays.

The famous couple is also the owners of the apparel line known as 50 Grados, which sells Lefty SM-branded products exclusively.

After the fatal shooting, Eza Mary reportedly accompanied her husband to the hospital in order to seek medical treatment for him.

According to La Razon Mexico, the bereaved widow wrote a sorrowful post on Facebook in which she requested her followers to respect the family’s right to a quiet period of grieving.

Eza’s comment, as it was translated into English, read as follows: “Don’t send texts. I do not want to communicate with anyone at this time. It’s just a nightmare that I keep having. Love, give me a swift kick in the shin because I need to escape this nightmare as soon as possible.

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Mexican Rapper Lefty SM Family

The Mexican rapper known as Lefty SM has a family that was very important to him throughout his life.

Reportedly, he tied the knot with a woman whose name was Maria Isabel, and the significance of this relationship in his private life can not be overstated.

On the other hand, tragedy struck when it was believed that Lefty SM was shot and died in Mexico at the age of 31 near his apartment in La Cima, Zapopan, which is close to Guadalajara.

His record label, Alzada Records, shared the news of his untimely passing on Instagram through a post on their account.

Lefty SM Girlfriend
Lefty SM, the Mexican rapper, had a family that was essential to his life. (Source: TheSun)

The devastating news of the artist’s passing was shared in this post by the record label.

It conveyed their deepest sympathies to his bereaved family, putting special emphasis on the love and prayers they have for his wife, Maria Isabel, and their two kids.

Lefty SM and Maria Isabel had already started a family by the time he passed away suddenly, and they were blessed with two daughters.

In addition to this, he shares parental responsibilities with his exe-girlfriend, the model Eza Mary, who he has children with.

Despite his level of prominence, Lefty SM managed to keep his personal life, particularly his spouse and children, a somewhat quiet affair by not disclosing specifics about either.

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