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Love After Lockup Asonta Death And Obituary: DID And Health Update

Love after lockup Asonta death: Asonta Gholston (real name Lacitrus Gholston) passed away earlier this month.

Asonta Ghloston, who was a part of the reality TV show “Love After Lockup,” died sadly, shocking fans and loved ones. 

A lot of mystery surrounded his life and death. Asonta’s role in “Love After Lockup” caught people’s attention, but he died too soon, just a week before the season end of “Love During Lockup.” 

Raneka, who was close to Asonta, told him this terrible news. Even though there were many honors and condolences, the exact reason for his death was unknown at the time of the report. 

Even though Asonta Ghloston’s life on the reality show may have made him famous, it’s important to remember that behind the on-screen character was a natural person with family, friends, and people who cared about him. 

His death was unfortunate for those who knew him and watched the show to see how he changed over time. 

As of the information given, the exact events and cause of Asonta’s death were still unknown, leaving a cloud of uncertainty over this tragic loss.

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Love After Lockup Asonta Death And Obituary

Asonta Gholston, known by her stage name Asont, was in Love After Lockup. On September 2, 2023, Asonta Gholston was killed in a terrible car accident. 

This sad thing happened a week before the show’s season finale. When the news first came out that he had died, it shocked and saddened people. Now, we know what caused this terrible accident.

Asonta Gholston died in a car accident, sending waves of sadness through the Love After Lockup group and his family. 

love after lockup asonta death
Asonta Gholston died in a car accident. (Source: TVShowAce)

As fans and loved ones try to come to terms with this painful loss, the cause of death gives them peace and is a stark reminder of how fragile life is. 

Many people liked Asont because he was on the show, making his unexpected death sad for those who watched his journey on Love After Lockup.

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Other Love After Lockup Stars That Passed Away

Asonta Gholston wasn’t the first person from Love After Lockup to die.

In the shows in the series, ex-cons and, most of the time, drug addicts try to get back into society with the help of someone who cares about them.

Not everyone is successful, though.

In November 2021, Scott Davey died. He was matched with Lizzie Kommes, but he hid the fact that he used drugs.

In July 2021, Tracie Wagaman died just a few days after giving birth. During her time on the show, she had problems with drugs.

In 2021, Alla Subbotina from the first season of Love After Lockup also died. She had problems with drugs and even went back to jail while filming because she relapsed. She couldn’t kick it, which was too bad.

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