Michael Mitchell Murder

Michael Mitchell Murder Case: Why Did He Kill Michael Robinson?

Michael Mitchell Murder: arrested for Killing Michael Robinson. Is he in jail?

In November of 2020, Michael Mitchell Jr. was one of the individuals who was accused of committing second-degree murder in connection with the killing of Michael Robinson Jr. Robinson, the victim, was a graduating senior at Grambling State University, and the untimely passing of this young man had a profound impact on the community.

The incident was discovered when Louisiana State Troopers were conducting a routine traffic stop on Louisiana Highway 17 and pulled over Mitchell for speeding.

The troopers were shocked when they discovered bullet holes in the driver’s side of Mitchell’s black Chevrolet Camaro during the course of the check. When they opened the trunk of the automobile, they discovered Robinson’s lifeless body, which brought their finding to a gloomier conclusion.

This stunning and terrible act directly resulted in the instant arrest of Michael Mitchell Jr., which marked the beginning of a complicated judicial process to seek justice for the loss of Michael Robinson Jr.

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Michael Mitchell Murder Case: Why Did He Kill Michael Robinson?

On July 29, 2020, a Louisiana State Trooper stopped Michael Mitchell Jr. for speeding on Louisiana Highway 17, not far from Winnsboro, and he was placed under arrest as a result of the incident. During the regular traffic check, the trooper observed bullet holes on the driver’s side of Mitchell’s black Chevrolet Camaro.

These bullet holes prompted the policeman to become suspicious and to investigate more. After giving Mitchell a closer look, the officer was shocked to find that he also smelled the unmistakable odor of marijuana coming from Mitchell’s direction.

After the horrifying and shocking finding of Michael Robinson Jr.’s lifeless body in the trunk of the vehicle, Michael Mitchell Jr. was immediately taken into custody by the police.

After that, he was accused of murder in the second degree, which links him to the untimely passing of Robinson. The arrest marked the beginning of a legal procedure that would unearth the truth behind the horrific events that led up to Michael Robinson Jr.’s death.

Michael Mitchell Jr. was taken into custody as a result of the allegations that he was involved in the murder of Michael Robinson Jr. in the second degree. On Louisiana Highway 17, a routine traffic check led to Mitchell’s arrest. During the encounter, a Louisiana State Trooper observed bullet holes in Mitchell’s vehicle, a black Chevrolet Camaro.

Michael Mitchell Murder
Michael Robinson Family (Source: Fox13)

During the stop, further search of the trunk of the vehicle revealed, to the officer’s shock and horror, the lifeless corpse of Michael Robinson Jr. The officer promptly took Mitchell into custody after discovering the body of Michael Robinson Jr.

Mitchell had initially pointed the finger of suspicion at Cameron Powe, accusing him in the murder; however, questions began to arise regarding the veracity of his assertions.

As a direct consequence of this, the accusations that had been brought against Powe were dismissed, and the authorities started having doubts about Mitchell’s confession. A comprehensive and ongoing investigation has been launched as a result of the unfortunate event in order to discover the truth and ensure that those responsible are brought to justice.

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