Mimie Mathy Accident

Mimie Mathy Accident: What Happened To French Comedian?

Mimie Mathy Accident news has her fans acurious about her whereabout and her death rumours.

Mimie Mathy is a French actress, comedian, and singer best known for her part in the long-running series Josephine and Guardian Angel. Mathy is 4 ft 4 tall and has achondroplasia, a kind of dwarfism.

She was drawn to the theatre since childhood and studied dramatic arts at Michel Fugain’s workshop in Nice from 1979 to 1981. She starred in several stage roles on the television show Le Petit Théâtre de Bouvard in the early 1980s. 

From 1988 to 1993, she was a member of the touring comedy ensemble “Le Trio des Filles,” which performed plays such as Existe en trois tailles (Available in Three Sizes). In 1993, she appeared in the television film Une nounou pas like les autres (A Nanny Unlike Any Other), which received a 52.7% market share (12 million viewers) in France.

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Mimie Mathy Accident: What Happened To French Comedian?

According to publicly available information, Mimie Mathy, a well-known French comedian recognized for her work on television and stage, has not been involved in any recent accidents or disasters.

Reports of the comedienne’s death spread on Wednesday after a ‘R.I.P. Mimie Mathy’ Facebook page drew attention.

Mimie Mathy Accident
Mimie Mathy with her fellow artist (source: Wikibiography)

Hundreds of followers instantly began posting condolence messages on the Facebook page, expressing their regret that the talented 66-year-old comedienne and actress had died. And, as usual, the Twittersphere was enraged by the death hoax.

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Whereas some trusting fans believed the message, others were immediately wary of the news, possibly having learned their lesson from the large number of phony death stories about celebrities that have emerged in recent months. Some people pointed out that the news had not been broadcast. 

Any major French network would have reported the death of a comedienne of Mimie Mathy’s renown as breaking news, indicating that it was a hoax.

Mimie Mathy is most known for her iconic part in the French TV series “Joséphine, ange gardien” (Joséphine, Guardian Angel), in which she portrays a guardian angel who helps those in need. Her work in the entertainment business has earned her a devoted following and critical recognition.

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