Monu Manesar Death News

Monu Manesar Death News: Is He Still Alive?

Monu Manesar Death News has been trending on social media as many are curious about the rumour about his death.

Monu Manesar, also known as Mohit Yadav, is an Indian vigilante renowned for his ties to the Bajrang Dal and claimed involvement in several crimes. 

In Haryana and Rajasthan, he has been accused of inciting violence. Monu Manesar attracted notice for his role in cow vigilantism and was apprehended by the Haryana police. He is also linked to rioting in Haryana’s Nuh area and is being investigated concerning the murder of two Muslim men from Rajasthan.

His actions have aroused debate, with lawsuits against him based on social media remarks. Monu Manesar’s activities and arrests have received extensive media coverage, calling attention to issues of cow protection and communal conflicts in several parts of India. It is best to examine reputable news sources for the most up-to-date information on his activities and judicial processes.

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Monu Manesar Death News: Is He Still Alive?

Monu Manesar, known as Mohit Yadav, has recently made headlines for his suspected involvement in violent episodes and incitement of communal tensions in Haryana, India. There is no evidence that he is dead.

According to recent reports, Monu Manesar was detained for inciting violence during a religious parade in Nuh, Haryana. This violence resulted in casualties and the destruction of property, raising worries about ethnic cleansing in the region.

Monu Manesar Death News
Monu Manesar Detained By Haryana Police; CCTV Footage Shows Cow Vigilante Taken Into Custody (source: Freepressjournal)

 Additionally, Monu Manesar is accused of being engaged in the February murder of two Rajasthan residents. 

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He allegedly shared incendiary content on social media before communal confrontations during a parade coordinated by the Bajrang Dal and Vishva Hindu Parishad. These fights heightened tensions in the neighborhood.

An engineering student, Monu Manesar joined a cow vigilante group in 2009. He allegedly led a group in kidnapping and brutally killing two people on suspicion of cattle smuggling in February 2023, causing significant anger.

According to the most recent information, Monu Manesar is in police custody, interrogated, and scheduled to appear in court. 

Monu Manesar Arrrest And Charges

A special investigation team (SIT) detained Monu Manesar concerning the violence that erupted at a right-wing rally in Nuh, Haryana. 

The arrest followed an inquiry based on Facebook evidence linking him to an incendiary remark posted on August 26. This post, regarded as having the potential to cause communal strife, provoked an extensive investigation, culminating in his arrest.

Monu Manesar Death News
Arrested cow vigilante Monu Manesar handed over to Rajasthan Police (source: Indiatoday)

He had previously been involved in inciting violence during a religious procession in Nuh, which then spread to other Haryana districts, resulting in six deaths. Following his detention, a pistol and live rounds were taken from him, prompting the use of the Arms Act.

The arrest of Monu Manesar is not an isolated instance. He had been a senior leader of the Vishva Hindu Parishad’s (VHP) ‘gau raksha’ unit for several months and had encountered criticism. 

He was also accused of inciting religious feelings through a social media video. The violence during a Hindu parade in Nuh, in which he participated, instilled fear among the Muslim-majority populace. 

His social media post was cited as the catalyst for the ensuing violence. Furthermore, he was linked to the murder of two people in Rajasthan, although CCTV footage offered an alibi for him in that case.

The timing of Monu Manesar’s arrest sparked concerns, with some claiming political motivations. 

Meo Muslim community leaders and social media influencers depicted him as a primary suspect, mobilizing against him and branding the Haryana government as anti-Muslim. This arrest occurred in the run-up to Rajasthan’s elections, and it has become a political focus point for anti-BJP parties and supporters.

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