Ms Puiyi Lesbian

Ms Puiyi Lesbian Rumors: Ms Puiyi Boyfriend And Relationship

Ms Puiyi Lesbian Rumors has her fans curious as she has been among the famous onlyfans model.

Siew Pui Yi, better known as Ms. Puiyi, is a Malaysian social media influencer, fashion model, actress, music producer, DJ, and former adult film actress. Ms Puiyi was hacked in 2019, resulting in the unlawful release of her naked images.

Ms Puiyi is a DJ, entrepreneur, and online influencer. Ms Puiyi began competing in beauty pageants and working as a model for magazines at an early age. She owns two beauty product brands, Kiseki Skincare and MSPUIYI Cosmetics, and she provides content on several social media channels. 

Puiyi started a US$1 million (RM4.4 million) scholarship program in February 2023 in conjunction with the Educapital Foundation to assist impoverished students in completing their education. Each student receives $1,000 (RM4,433) to further their study in the field of their choice.

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Ms Puiyi Lesbian Rumors: Sexuilty Explored

In an age of social media and unrelenting paparazzi, public personalities’ personal lives are frequently subjected to extreme scrutiny.

Ms. Puiyi, a renowned and important personality recognized for her activity and contributions to different causes, is one such figure who has found herself at the focus of rumors and speculations. Latest allegations about her sexuality. 

Ms Puiyi Lesbian
Ms Puiyi facebook post with “Found my cute lesbian girlfriend” (source: Facebook)

She hasn’t commented on the rumors regarding her sexuality or lesbianism because she has been so quiet about her personal life and career.

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She has performed roles with certain females as an onlyfans model but hasn’t mentioned anything about her sexaulity to the wider public or dissuss in her social media palform about her seaxulity and lesbian rumors.

Ms Puiyi Boyfriend And Relationship Explored

Ms. Puiyi, an internet personality known for her presence on platforms like OnlyFans, has not been publicly reported to be in a relationship or have a boyfriend but she recently announced some news that shocked many and delighted more. Apparently, things are over between her and Oskar.

MsPuiyi revealed the end of their one-month relationship yesterday (20th June) via her socials. Her initial announcement was simple and to the point. However, she also took the time to share what she had appreciated about Oskar, the time they spent together and their relationship.

Ms Puiyi Lesbian
Ms Puiyi and her boyfriend Oskar (source: Mykmu)

“You made me happy,” she acknowledged. “With you, I found a bit of myself that I had lost due to my profession.” 

Words cannot express how grateful I am to be able to share wonderful moments with you as a youthful 24-year-old.” MsPuiyi recalled their shared moments, including dinners, jokes, and secrets. 

“I’ll never forget the night we watched “Notting Hill.” “I’ll never forget the night we sang and laughed in the car while it was raining outside,” she wrote. “You even ran out into the rain to feel it.”

Aside from her memories, she treasured the lessons Oskar taught her. “You provided me a brief period of courage and laughter to allow me to be myself, and you showed me a time when nothing else matters but myself; what I like (is) what matters,” MsPuiyi explained. 

She had learned a lot from Oskar’s gentle and loving personality, but they both recognized they had distinct lives to live. “But, I’m delighted we met,” she said. “Or, as you put it, what happens happens.” “I have no regrets.”


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