Ramon Ang Religion

Ramon Ang Religion: Family Ethnicity And Nationality

People are searching for Ramon Ang Religion as many are curious about his cultural background and nationality.

Ramon See Ang is a Filipino businessman with the initials RSA. He is the president and CEO of Top Frontier Investment Holdings, Inc., San Miguel Corporation’s largest stakeholder.

Ang was appointed SMC’s vice-chairman; in March 2002, he was named president and chief operating officer (COO). In June 2012, he took over SMC by purchasing the shares of Eduardo Cojuangco, Jr., a fellow Filipino businessman and politician. 

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Ramon Ang Religion: Family Ethnicity Explored

Ramon Ang, a well-known Filipino businessman, has made substantial contributions to various sectors, including automotive and infrastructure.

He appears to believe in Christianity. Ramon Ang’s religion and compassion are shown in his substantial gifts to the Jesuit community. Ang gave P120 million from his wealth during a Mass celebrating St. Ignatius of Loyola.

Ramon Ang Religion
Ramon Ang during his Run for President in 2022 (source: Change)

The money was given to help build a new infirmary for aged and ill Jesuit priests. This facility will vastly improve on the present two-room clinic, with 30 contemporary medical treatment rooms.

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Ang’s love for the Jesuits extends beyond this act, as he has previously given unnamed contributions.

Xavier School was one of them, most notably for the P70 million building of the “Ramon S. Ang Gymnasium.”

This pattern of compassion demonstrates Ang’s great devotion to his faith and readiness to help organizations that share his values.

Ang’s continuing support for religious causes implies a true dedication to his beliefs, which might be built in faith in Jesus Christ.

These gestures demonstrate a long-standing relationship between Ramon Ang and the Jesuit community, bolstering the notion that he is devout.

Ramon Ang Nationality And Parents

Ang, like any other millionaire, has kept her personal life secret. He is married to Tessi, and they have eight children. Cecile, Ang’s daughter, is currently the president of Diamond Hotel. Eagle Cement Corp’s CEO is his son, John Paul, while the treasurer and CFO is his daughter, Monic. 

When Ang’s younger son, Jomar, died last April 2020 at 26, their family went through a highly terrible period. He was the chief financial officer of BMW distributor RSA Motors and a director of San Miguel Global Power Holdings Inc.

Ramon Ang Religion
Ramon Ang during his Run for President in 2022 (source: Cnnphilippines)

On January 14, 1954, he was born in Manila, Philippines. His father had a motor car repair shop in Tondo, Manila. Ang was a hardworking student who did odd jobs to pay for his studies and support his family. He earned a Bachelor of Engineering from Far Eastern University (FEU). He also completed his doctorate at the same university.

He recognized in a speech to his alma mater’s 2018 graduating class that his years as a working student taught him how to do business. He learned business abilities and created a solid basis for long-term success as he battled in his lowly existence. 

Most importantly, he learned how to communicate with people from various walks of life. He improved his ability to read and comprehend people and their motives and skills. 

He knew how to adapt to any scenario, no matter how challenging, and to “make harsh judgments based on gut intuition.”


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