Raymond Goh Wife Faridah Teh

Raymond Goh Wife Faridah Teh Mourns The Death Of Her Husband, Kids And Family

Raymond Goh Wife Faridah Teh, expressed her gratitude for the support and prayers they received from Malaysians during this challenging time. 

Raymond Goh, a veteran TV3 newscaster, passed away on September 12, 2023, at 62. With his engaging voice and praiseworthy journalism, he has won many hearts.

Goh has acquired the loving moniker “The Guy with the Golden Voice” for his deep and powerful tones.

His anchoring abilities and distinct vocal tone have made him a well-known and respected figure in Malaysian media.

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Raymond Goh Wife Faridah Teh Mourns The Death Of Her Husband

Raymond Goh, also known as Muhammad Zaman Goh Abdullah, was a respected TV3 newscaster who died of a stroke. 

Faridah Teh, his wife, confirmed his death, a devastating time for their family and the nation. Raymond Goh was a news anchor with over 30 years of experience, known for his compelling voice and journalism talents.

Raymond Goh Wife Faridah Teh
Raymond Goh with Wife Faridah Teh (source: Hibglam)

Faridah Tee thanked Malaysians for their support and prayers during this challenging period. Raymond Goh’s family expressed gratitude for the public’s outpouring of affection and sympathy.

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Raymond Goh made essential contributions to Malaysian journalism, establishing him as a renowned figure in the field. His passing is a tragedy for his family, the media, and fans who value his work.

Raymond Goh’s funeral prayers and burial arrangements were being organized to commemorate his memory. 

The announcement of his death was welcomed with sadness and tributes from colleagues, friends, and the general public, showing his impact on Malaysian media.

Faridah Teh and her family take peace in the nation’s support and cherished memories of Raymond Goh’s extraordinary career as a dedicated news anchor during this challenging time of mourning.

Despite his professional success, Goh has made an impression on social media platforms such as Instagram, where he shares personal experiences with his followers.

His Instagram account, @raymondgoh2020, has over 11K followers and 317 posts, offering glimpses into his personal life.

Raymond Goh Kids And Family Explored

According to The Star Online, on August 30, 20231, Raymond Goh, a notable veteran newscaster, was in critical condition after a stroke.

Even though information regarding his early life and career is scarce, Goh’s contributions to the field of news broadcasting have been significant.

Raymond Goh Wife Faridah Teh
Raymond Goh during his late show (source: Reddit)

As a result, information about Goh’s children and other family members remains hidden.

Raymond Goh, born on an unidentified date, began a career in broadcasting that lasted several decades. As a result, his official age is hidden behind the curtain.

Throughout his career, Goh established himself as a renowned figure in the media industry for his authoritative and engaging delivery of news stories.

Goh’s commitment to honest and factual reporting earned him a loyal viewership.

Raymond Goh’s illustrious career stretched over 30 years, and he was known for authoritative news delivery and mentorship, which had a considerable impact on the Malaysian media environment. While there are hints that he is Muslim, his beliefs are unknown.

During this time of grieving, the emphasis is on remembering Raymond Goh’s legacy as a dedicated news anchor and respecting his family’s privacy, including his children. The nation mourns the loss of a media star and expresses sympathy to his bereaved family.


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