Rohan Campbell Siblings

Rohan Campbell Siblings: Meet Louie And Billy Campbell

People are curious about Rohan CampbelL Siblings. He is a Canadian actor best known for his roles in “The Hardy Boys” and “Halloween Ends.” 

He was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on September 23, 1997.  Campbell was born and reared in Cochrane, Alberta, to British immigrants.

He began performing in 2008 and has remained active in the industry ever since iCampbellmpbell rose to prominence as Frank Hardy in the 2020s television series adaption of “The Hardy Boys.”

He co-starred with Alexander Elliot as Joe also played Corey Cunningham in the slasher thriller “Halloween Ends” in 2022.

Campbell has also appeared in television shows such as “Mayerthorpe,” “Klondike,” “Mech-X4,” “The 100,” and “iZombie” over the course of his career.

He has appeared in films such as “The Right Kind of Wrong,” “The Valley Below,” “Diablo,” “A Miracle on Christmas Lake,” “Crash Pad,” “Boundaries,” and others.

Rohan Campbell’s talent and perseverance have propelled him to the forefront of the entertainment business.

With prominent appearances in “The Hardy Boys” and “Halloween Ends,” he has demonstrated his range and acting ability.

Audiences may expect to witness more of his performances on screen as he pursues his acting career.

To learn in depth about Rohan Campbell siblings read the article below.

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Rohan Campbell Siblings: Meet Louie And Billy Campbell

Rohan Campbell is a Canadian actor who grew up in Calgary, Alberta.

His parents are British immigrants from the United Kingdom, and he has two brothers, Louie and Billy.

Campbell is most recognized for his roles in the Hulu series The Hardy Boys as Frank Hardy and as Corey in the 2022 horror thriller Halloween Ends.

He has also appeared in TV shows such as Mayerthorpe, Klondike, Mech-X4, The 100, and iZombie.

Campbell went to Vancouver at the age of seventeen.

Rohan Campbell Sibilings
Rohan Campbell is seen with his dog Bruce. (Image Source: Instagram)

In conclusion, Rohan Campbell has two brothers, Louie and Billy. He grew up in Calgary, Alberta, and is best known for appearing in The Hardy Boys and Hallow.

No information is available on the birthdates of his siblings, Louie and Billy.

Therefore, the exact age difference between Rohan and his siblings is impossible.

While talking about Rohan Campbell siblings, there is not much information n about them as the actor loves to keep his personal life private.

We will be the first to update you on the topic of Rohan Campbell siblings as soon as we get information from relevant sources.

Rohan Campbell Family And Ethnicity

Rohan Campbell is a Canadian actor who grew up in Calgary, Alberta. Keith Campbell and Helen Campbell, British immigrants, are his parents.

Despite knowing the names of his parents, we don’t have much information on his parents. As mentioned above, he loves to keep his private life personal.

Despite that, we can assume that Rohan’s parents have supported him during his career and hard times.

We will be the first one to inform you on the topic of his parent’s as soon as we get information from relevant sources.

Talking about Rohan’s ethnicity, as mentioned above he was born in Canada. Still, his parents immigrated to Canada from Africa, and he has frequently spoken about his African background and the influence of his culture on his life and career.

The African community in Canada is a diverse group of people with African ancestors who have settled in Canada.

The area is well-known for its vibrant culture, customs, and contributions to Canadian culture.

Rohan is proud of his African heritage and has used his platform as a Canadian actor to raise awareness about African community issues.

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