Sam Hassas Obituary

Sam Hassas Obituary: Sam Hassas Suicide Was Photographer Death Cause

Sam Hassas Obituary: The death by suicide of Sam Hassas has left his loved ones in disbelief because the American photographed took his own life. 

Sam Hassas was a well-respected photographer who worked out of San Jose, California. He was famous for his extraordinary ability to freeze time through the lens of his camera and create photographs that will last forever.

Although there is not a lot of information available regarding Sam Hassas’s life, his influence in the field of photography speaks eloquently.

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Sam Hassas Obituary: Sam Hassas Suicide Was Photographer Death Cause

The death by suicide of photographer Sam Hassas has become a topic of conversation all over the internet, and it all started when his loved ones confirmed the news of his passing on social media.

The shocking news that Sam had tried suicide and then taken his own life was reported by a number of publications on the internet. People all around the internet are beginning to wonder why anything like this would happen.

It is still not apparent why Sam took his own life, however in the wake of Sam’s passing, many individuals are speculating about a variety of different topics.

The sad news of Sam’s demise was announced on Facebook, and his loved ones used the opportunity to post their memories of Sam.

Someone posted on social media, “Hoping that he’s in a better place and that his family and close friends can find some sort of comfort in these times.” The Hassas family is currently in a state of grieving at the loss, and they have requested privacy during this time.

Sam Hassas Obituary
Sam Hassas Obituary (Source: Facebook)

His family, friends, and those who were particularly close to him were all taken aback by his untimely passing. Someone who was very close to the brilliant photographer shared the sad news of his passing on Facebook.

On Facebook, Monica Simeon Pingol relayed the news that Sam had recently taken his last breath, and before doing so, she made sure to obtain permission from Sam’s family before disclosing any further information.

Hassas is said to have died as a result of his own actions, which were described before. Multiple online platforms are currently being inundated with expressions of condolence and tributes for the family.

In addition to this, many internet users are interested about the specifics of Sam’s burial and memorial services. Accordingly, this section will go over the details that are currently available.

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Sam Hassas Obituary

It has already been published on the internet that Sam Hassas’s official obituary has passed away.

The obituary states that Hassas passed away lately, and furthermore, they have provided information regarding the burial and memorial services that will be held for him.

Following the Jummah Prayer on September 22, 2023 at 1:30 p.m. at Peace Terrace Fremont, the Jinaza Prayer will be held. Additionally, the precise location has been divulged.

Aside from that, it was reported that the burial of Hassas would begin at 2:30 p.m. local time at the Five Pillars Islamic Cemetery, which is located at 1761 Laughlin Road in Livermore, California.

Sam Hassas Obituary
Sam Hassas passed away recently, and his obituary was also posted online. (Source: Facebook)

In addition, eulogies for the deceased photographer are flooding in across social media, and a close friend of the family shared their thoughts, saying, “One of the most brilliant minds I have ever encountered.

There is never a dull moment when Sam is around. Always the center of attention at any gathering. The one person who could make me chuckle at any given time.”

He went on to say, “Each and every time. There are so many precious memories associated with Sam. Today I learned that Sam Hassas had left this life. I’m saddened by the news. Our emotions have been weighed down. We shall miss having him around. Thank you in advance for remembering Monica, Ethan, and John Paul in your prayers.

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