Samantha Kalkbrenner Accident

Samantha Kalkbrenner Accident: Stray Kids Death And Obituary

Samantha Kalkbrenner Accident has been trending on social media as many are curious about her accident and stray kids.

Samantha Kalkbrenner, 15, was killed, and several others were injured in a Wednesday morning incident in Dravosburg involving a school van and another car.

According to the Allegheny County medical examiner, Kalkbrenner was declared dead at the scene. County police were asked to assist with the investigation at the location.

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Samantha Kalkbrenner Accident: Stray Kids Death 

A 15-year-old girl was murdered, and five others were injured when a Serra Catholic High School vehicle and a car crashed in Dravosburg on Wednesday morning.

Samantha Lee Kalkbrenner, a Serra Catholic student, was slain. According to Allegheny County police, three more students were brought to area hospitals in stable condition, while two males were taken seriously. Kalkbrenner was pronounced deceased at the spot.

Samantha Kalkbrenner Accident
Samantha Kalkbrenner killed in Dravosburg school van crash (source: Local21news)

Before 7 a.m., Kovka witnessed a collision between a Serra Catholic High School van and a car at Richland Avenue and Third Street.

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Mobile phone video shows individuals rushing to help following the incident, including Jessica McCauley and her husband, who pulled over to assist.

“He began busting the windows out of the automobile to check who was inside when he noticed it was on fire.” “He couldn’t get the guy out, so he ran, got some bottled water from the car, and began putting it over the engine,” Jessica McCauley explained.

McCauley raced up to one of the children and used her hoodie to help stop the bleeding until emergency responders arrived.

“I chatted to the youngster the whole time, trying to keep him alert, telling him it’s going to be okay, buddy,” McCauley recalled. “Another boy said ma’am, this is an awful dream, and I responded it’ll be okay,” McCauley explained.

According to the preliminary investigation conducted by county police, the van attempted to make a left turn onto Richland when it was struck by a Jetta driving north on Richland.

Samantha Kalkbrenner Obituary: Family Mourns Her Death

The collision strewn bits of both vehicles across Richland Avenue. According to locals, the region has become a hotspot for car accidents, with speeding frequently being a factor.

According to McKeesport Police Captain Christopher Halaszynski, there have been multiple accidents at the intersection throughout the years.

Samantha Kalkbrenner Accident
Samantha Kalkbrenner accident in Dravosburg school van crash (source: Nbcdfw)

Authorities are still unsure whether speed played a role in this fatal crash. Authorities anticipate spending most of the day reconstructing the crash, and a stretch of Richland will be closed while investigators are on the site.

Serra Catholic High School will be closed from Monday to Friday. Activities at school have also been canceled.

The Serra Catholic school community is close-knit, which has profoundly impacted many. The school’s principal, president, staff, teachers, chaplain, diocesan school superintendent and assistant superintendent have been working to console school families and each other.

We are grateful to the first responders, as well as the doctors and medical personnel who are caring for the casualties.

Counselors from Serra Catholic and other Catholic high schools are assisting people in need.

It was decided to close the school today through Friday. Activities at school have also been canceled.

“At a moment like this, we realize how valuable life is and how crucial it is to support one another not just through tragedy but constantly,” Bishop added.

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