Sergio Mayer Mori Parents

Sergio Mayer Mori Parents: Sergio Mayer And Bárbara Mori, Siblings And Family

People are searching for Sergio Mayer Mori Parents because of his personal life and family background.

Sergio is a Mexican model who has worked with the Calvin Klein apparel line.

He is a social media sensation with 850,000 Instagram followers and 30,000 Twitter followers.

He usually shares vibrant modeling and lifestyle images.

He released a track titled “Green Eyes,” which he made available on YouTube.

In 2022, he also appeared in the TV series Rebelde. He shared an Instagram selfie of himself with Fabiola Campomanes.

Sergio also released a song called Green Eyes. In addition, he is a fashion model who has appeared in several magazines.

Sergio rose to notoriety after starring in the Netflix series Rebelde as Estebán Torres.

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Who Are Sergio Mayer Mori Parents? Meet Sergio Mayer And Bárbara Mori

Sergio Mayer Mori grew up raised in a household of celebrities and influencers. 

He was born on February 7, 1998, to his parents. In 2023, he will be 25 years old.

Sergio is a young celebrity who has done a lot for his age. His zodiac or birth sign is Aquarius, as established by his date of birth. 

Sergio Mayer Mori is the son of two well-known showbiz celebrities.

His mother is Bárbara Mori Ochoa, a Mexican actress of Uruguayan origin who rose to prominence in telenovelas and has performed in Hollywood and Bollywood films.

Barbara Mori is from a mixed family with Japanese and Lebanese ancestors. 

Sergio Mayer Mori Parents
Sergio Mayer Mori with his Parents (Image source: Archyde)

She has had a successful career in television shows such as “Azul Tequila” and “Amor Descarado,” as well as films such as “La mujer de mi hermano” and “Amor, Dolor y Vicera”. 

Barbara Mori has also battled and survived early-stage Cancer and documented her experience in a docu-drama.

Sergio Mayer Mori’s father is Sergio Mayer Breton Izturiz Pinilla, born in Mexico City on May 21, 1966.

He is well-known for acting, singing, producing, and political efforts. 

Sergio Mayer has appeared in several films and television episodes, as seen by his IMDb page.

In 2018, he earned the federal deputy post in México City after competing in Big Brother VIP. He is now a federal deputy in the Mexican Congress’s LXIV Legislature.

Who Are Sergio Mayer Mori Siblings? Family Explored

Sergio has two stepsisters among his siblings.

Their names are Antonia Mayer Camil and Victoria Mayer Camil. He comes from an unconventional family.

Sergio Mayer, his father, is a politician, actor, singer, and producer from Mexico. 

He has demonstrated his abilities in every discipline.

Mayer was a member of Mexico’s House of Deputies. He is a federal delegate to the LXIV Legislature of the Mexican Congress. 

Sergio Mayer Mori Parents
Sergio Mayer Mori with his mother ( Image source: Mamaslatinas)

In contrast, his mother, Barbara Mori, is a well-known actress. Kites, Cantinflas, and other films have included her.

In addition to his parents, Sergio Mayer Mori has a stepmother called Isabela Camil.

Sergio Mayer Mori, a brilliant Mexican actor, singer, and influencer, comes from an entertainment industry family.

His mother, Bárbara Mori, is a well-known actress of mixed origin, and his father, Sergio Mayer, is a complex figure recognized for his efforts in acting, singing, producing, and politics.

He began his show business career as a model.

Sergio has also collaborated with a variety of periodicals and talent agencies. 

He and his mother, Bárbara Mori, have also been featured in magazine pieces and on the front pages of magazines. 

Sergio Mayer made his cinematic debut as Fer in Against the Wind in 2011.

Later in his career, he appeared in films and television series such as Como Dice el Dicho, The Patriarch, and others.

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