charles widder obituary

Shelly Widder And Charles Widder Obituary: New Jersey Death Cause

Shelly Widder And Charles Widder Obituary: New Jersey Death Cause

The death of Charles Widder has not been reported, but the obituary for Shelly Widder and the fact that she has passed away have caused her family, friends, and the community of New Jersey to be in a state of complete disarray.

The death of Shelly Widder came as a shock to everyone. At the time of this writing, the details of the circumstances behind his passing had not been made public. We ask that you give the family the space and time they require at this moment to grieve together as a unit and take the necessary steps to prepare for the future.

Our heartfelt condolences are extended to you and your family during this difficult time; however, there are no adequate words to describe the depth of our sorrow for your loss.

We are overcome with sadness at the news of the passing of such a promising being. Please accept our sympathies, and may the comfort that comes from our prayers be with you at this time. We want you to know that you have our deepest condolences.

charles widder obituary
Charles Widder Obituary

You are encouraged to send messages of condolence, prayers, and thoughts of comfort to the family and friends of the person who passed away, as this will help them tremendously during this trying time in their lives.

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Shelly Widder Obituary

Shelly Widder’s passing has created an insurmountable void in the lives of everyone who had the privilege of calling her a friend and colleague.

She was a bright example of what it is to be a decent person, and she was more than just a coworker, friend, or neighbor. She was an inspiration.

Shelly up and departed our community without warning on September 7, 2023, which has left us reeling from the shock, the loss, and the bewilderment. At this moment, there are no words that can adequately reflect the breadth and depth of our sorrow.

Shelly’s radiant spirit and boundless love left an impression on everybody and everyone she came in contact with. Not only did her maternal impulses manifest themselves in her professional life, but they also infiltrated every other part of her life as a mother.

She threw herself into her work with an unrivaled amount of passion, and as a result, she was able to provide unwavering support and a soothing presence for her children Charles, Hayden, Colin, and Claire.

The love that Shelly had for her children was more than just a feeling; it was a driving force that encouraged them to pursue their dreams, celebrated their victories, and offered solace whenever it was required.

She possessed an unending supply of patience, and her compassionate leadership helped them navigate the challenging waters of life. They found in her the compass that would lead them to a loving, compassionate, and resilient future.

The community came together to support Shelly’s grieving family, and as a result, a GoFundMe page entitled “Help for the Widder Family” was established.

Sandy Magluilo, a good-hearted resident of Fanwood, New Jersey, is the one who conceived the idea for this project in order to contribute to the payment of the expenses associated with Shelly’s burial and the continued need of her children.

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