Sophia Culpo Weight Loss

Sophia Culpo Weight Loss: Before And After Photos

Sophia Culpo Weight Loss has captured many of her follower’s interest, as many are curious about her journey.

Sophia Culpo is a reality television star noted for her reported relationships. She was in a nearly three-year relationship with NFL player Braxton Berrios, which terminated in 2023. Their split drew media notice. 

Culpo garnered attention after posting claimed text chats between herself and Berrios on social media. Olivia Culpo, her sister, was there for her during this difficult time. Sophia Culpo has over 240K followers on Instagram, where she gives insights into her life. 

She was also in the show “The Culpo Sisters.” The separation and Sophia’s public reaction to it became a topic of discussion in the entertainment news cycle.

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Sophia Culpo Weight Loss: Before And After Photos

Sophia Culpo, noted for her modeling and close relationship with her sister Olivia Culpo, lost weight unintentionally after her breakup with NFL quarterback Braxton Berrios. 

In an Instagram Q&A about her split, she ascribed her weight loss to the emotional toll of the relationship’s conclusion. Sophia thanked her solid support system, which includes her sisters and mother.

Sophia Culpo Weight Loss
Sophia Culpo Weight Loss after her break up (source: Dailymail)

Sophia and Olivia have a close friendship, even sharing swimsuits. Olivia, a model like her sister, previously dated football player Danny Amendola. 

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“A lot of trust was violated,” she said on Instagram. “But I have a wonderful support system and am very grateful for everyone’s love and support.”

Sophia also addressed supporters’ concerns about her health, saying, “I know I’ve dropped a lot of weight.”

“It’s not on purpose,” she explained, “but the betrayal in my previous relationship just took a toll on me.”

The 26-year-old, on the other hand, emphasized that she has “the most fantastic support system,” which includes her sisters, Olivia Culpo and Aurora Culpo, as well as her mother, Susan Curran.

Olivia was also noticed for her toned body, as evidenced by flashback photos. Sophia and Olivia place a premium on health and self-care, with Sophia studying nutrition and Olivia focusing on holistic therapy, including acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Their experience exemplifies the significance of emotional well-being and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in adversity.

Sophia Culpo And Braxton Berrios Relationship Timeline Explored

The love tale of NFL player Braxton Berrios and reality TV actress Sophia Culpo enthralled the audience. Sadly, their romance finally ended, leaving many wondering why they split up.

A promising beginning, Braxton Berrios and Sophia Culpo made their romance public in early 2021. The couple frequently displayed their love for each other on social media, allowing admirers to see glimpses of their happy moments together.

Sophia Culpo Weight Loss
Sophia Culpo And Braxton Berrios during party (source: tmz)

Berrios and Culpo continued to share their experiences on social media channels as their relationship grew. When Berrios ceased appearing on Culpo’s Instagram account around November 2022, observant followers began to fear trouble in paradise.

Sophia Culpo decided to share the exact timeline of her split with Braxton Berrios in a now-deleted TikTok Story. Culpo stated that their romance ended after a Drake concert in February over Super Bowl weekend. 

She revealed that Berrios was seen kissing another girl, which led to their breakup. Regardless of the circumstances, Culpo displayed no resentment and viewed the incident as a blessing, wishing everyone involved the best.

Sophia Culpo And Braxton Berrios Cheating Allegation Explored

Braxton Berrios responded to Culpo’s discoveries by releasing a video addressing the allegations of cheating leveled against him. 

He indicated that their two-year relationship ended peacefully because they recognized their mismatch, underlining that no outside influences influenced their decision. 

Berrios refuted Culpo’s assertion that their separation happened after Drake’s concert, claiming they split up in January.

Braxton Berrios and Sophia Culpo have taken steps to move on with their lives since their breakup. 

Culpo has opened up about her troubles and the difficulties of leaving a long-term relationship while transitioning to a new residence. 

Meanwhile, Berrios was seen with TikTok sensation Alix Earle, prompting dating rumors and showing he is open to new experiences.

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