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Stacey Solomon Siblings: Meet Jemma And Matthew Solomon

Meet Stacey Solomon siblings Jemma and  Matthew Solomon. Also get a chance to know about her parents.

Stacey Solomon is a British singer, television personality, and author.

In 2009 she first rose to fame after securing first place in the sixth series of The X Factor.

Since then, she has released several albums and singles and has also appeared on various television shows, including I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, Loose Women, and The Masked Singer UK.

In addition to her entertainment career, Stacey has also written several books, including a parenting guide and a cookbook.

Despite her success, Stacey has expressed concerns about the uncertainty of the entertainment industry and the fear of losing everything if her career were to dry up.

Nonetheless, she continues to work hard and pursue her passions, inspiring her fans with her positive attitude and relatable personality.

Continue reading the article to learn in detail about Stacey  Solomon siblings.

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Stacey Solomon Siblings: Meet Jemma And Matthew Solomon

While talking about Stacey Solomon siblings, she has a sister named Jemma and a brother named Matthew.

Jemma is Stacey’s half-sister, and they were born 18 months apart.

Additionally, she is an entrepreneur and a proud mother of three. Jemma is more vocal on social media and regularly posts about her life and family.

Moreover, she recently revealed that she and Stacey have a love for organizing and often bounce ideas off each other.

Stacey Solomon siblings
Stacey Solomon with her sister Jemma. (Image Source: Yahoo!Life)

On the other hand, Matthew tends to keep out of the spotlight entirely, and his sisters rarely mention him online.

Little is known about his personal life, but Stacey shared that he was engaged in 2019.

Stacey also has six “secret” half-siblings from her father’s previous relationships.

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Stacey Solomon Parents

Stacey Solomon’s parents are Fiona and David Neal Solomon.

Her mother was born into an Anglican family. She was the daughter of a vicar but converted to Judaism before marrying Stacey’s father, who is of Iraqi-Jewish and Polish-Jewish descent.

Her parents divorced when she was nine. Stacey has shared a rare video of her dad on social media, but little is known about her parents’ personal lives.

Recently, Stacey praised some parents for their amazing back-to-school tips, but it is unclear if they were her own parents.

Stacey also has two siblings, a sister named Jemma and a brother named Matthew.

Other information related to her parents is not available as of now, as the singer has not shared much about them.

However, we will update you on the topic of her parents as soon as we get information on it from our relevant sources.

Stacey Solomon Religion And Ethnicity

Stacey Solomon’s ethnicity mixes Iraqi-Jewish, Polish-Jewish, and possibly English.

Her father is of Jewish descent from Iraq and Poland, while her mother grew up in an Anglican family before converting to Judaism and meeting David.

Therefore, Stacey’s ethnicity is a blend of her parents’ backgrounds.

While some sources claim that Stacey is a Christian, she has also talked about her Jewish faith and religion’s role in her life.

Stacey Solomon parents
Stacey Solomon is close to her mother but their relation was not always easy. (Image Source: IrishMirror)

Stacey Solomon practices a blend of Christianity and Judaism.

Her father, who is of Iraqi-Jewish and Polish-Jewish ancestry, married her mother, a convert to Judaism, who was raised in an Anglican home and was a vicar’s daughter.

Additionally, Stacey has stated that she was taught about both religions growing up.

Moreover, Stacey has spoken about her Jewish faith and the significance religion has had in her life, despite some sources claiming that she is a Christian.

So, it’s reasonable to say that Stacey Solomon practices a combination of Christianity and Judaism.

Stacey has experienced antisemitism and spoken out against it, which is significant to highlight.

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