Mike Baker Former CIA

What Is Mike Baker Former CIA Career? Wife And Kids

Mike Baker Former CIA, has been trending on social media as many are curious about his career and wife.

Michael Baker is an American-British former CIA officer, security expert, technical advisor for the entertainment business, TV analyst, and host.

He worked with the CIA for about 15 years of experience as a covert field operations officer focusing on operations against terrorism, drugs, and insurgency. Following that, he worked in the private sector as the CEO of security business Veritas Global and as the host of the President’s Daily Brief.

He has worked in the entertainment sector as a technological advisor. Baker has been on Red Eye with Tom Shillue, Deadliest Warrior, Spy, Opie & Anthony Show, The Joe Rogan Experience, and The Greg Gutfeld Show on Fox News. He hosts the Science Channel and Amazon Prime Video series Black Files Declassified. 

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What Is Mike Baker Former CIA Carrer? Early Life Explored

A former CIA covert officer, Mike Baker has moved on to a thriving private sector and entertainment career.

Mike Baker entered the private sector after leaving the CIA. He is the chairman of the Portman Square Group, a company where he offers his CIA insights and knowledge.

Mike Baker Former CIA
Mike Baker Former CIA on joe Rogan podcast (source: Nypost)

He is well-known as a CEO advisor and has written a book titled “Company Rules: Everything I Know About Business I Learned From the CIA.”

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Mike Baker is known for emphasizing the necessity of analyzing one’s surroundings, a skill he honed during his time at the CIA.

Mike Baker has worked as a technical advisor in the entertainment and private sectors.

He has appeared on television and hosts “Black Files Declassified,” where he most likely covers intelligence and covert operations.

Mike Baker has been a vocal proponent of sharing CIA insights with corporate executives, highlighting the importance of adaptation and awareness of one’s surroundings in the business sector.

He has addressed lackluster pay scales and CIA dynamics that have attracted shorter-term talent.

Mike Baker Former CIA Wife And Kids Explored

Emily Baker is Mike Baker’s wife. The couple keeps their relationship details private. Despite this, they have three kids named Scooter, Sluggy, and Muggsy. Mike’s previous marriage produced an older half-sister for the boys.

During an interview on The Joe Rogan Experience, Mike expressed sorrow for not instilling faith in his children. “By no means am I an atheist or an agnostic; I believe there is something higher up there.” 

Mike Baker Former CIA
Mike Baker Former CIA (source: Discovery)

“I don’t mean that I haven’t taken the kids to a certain organized church every Sunday… but I feel like I may have missed the mark in giving them a feeling of something broader,” Mike added.

Mike’s issue with religion is that different organizations believe they have a “hold on the truth.” “I think I went too far in the opposite direction,” Mike reflected. “I should have allowed them to think about it.”

During the epidemic, the businessman and his wife, Emily, put the boys in a Catholic school, according to the businessman. Mark and Emily re-enrolled their sons in public school after one fell during three consecutive church sessions. Mike quipped, “He became known as the Mass fainter.”

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