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Who Is Micah Lussier Boyfriend? Dating History

Who is Micah Lussier boyfriend? She  is a marketing manager who rose to prominence after appearing on the fourth season of the reality television show “Love is Blind.”

Micah Lussier, 27, during the show, found herself at the center of two love triangles, torn between fellow pod participants Kwame Appiah and Paul Peden.

After much deliberation, she chose to pursue a relationship with Paul, an environmental scientist.

However, their relationship ended maturely, with Micah valuing their friendship but realizing she couldn’t emotionally continue a romantic relationship with him.

Micah has also appeared in other TV shows and movies, including “A Tourist’s Guide to Love” and “Life Is Strange: True Colors.”

She has a large following on Instagram, with over 331K followers.

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Who Is Micah Lussier Boyfriend?

Micah Lussier, a former contestant on “Love is Blind,” recently debuted a new boyfriend after her breakup with Paul Peden.

While it is unclear who her new boyfriend is, it is known that it is not Paul.

Micah and Paul had a tumultuous relationship, with Micah being torn between him and Kwame Appiah during the show.

Micah Lussier boyfriend
Micah Lussier parted ways with her ex-boyfriend “Love Is Blind.” (Image Source: Instagram)

Despite choosing Paul and trying to make things work outside of the pods, their relationship ultimately did not last.

In a separate interview, Micah confirmed that they resumed dating after the show but felt that the foundation of their relationship was not steady enough to continue. Since then, Micah has not announced any other relationships publicly.

In the fourth season of “Love Is Blind” Micah makes an appearance with a new boyfriend, not Paul with whom he had been dating.

Micah Lussier Dating History

Micah Lussier and Paul Peden had a complex dating history during and after their time on “Love is Blind.”

During the show, Micah and Paul were engaged, but their relationship faced challenges, with Micah being torn between Paul and Kwame Appiah.

After the season ended, Paul revealed that he had connected with another pod participant, Wendi Kong, an aerospace engineer from Seattle.

However, their relationship was not exclusive, and they went on dates but ultimately found that they had too much in common to make it work.

Micah Lussier boyfriend
Micah Lussier with her ex-boyfriend Paul. (Image Source: US Magazine)

After the show, Micah and Paul briefly got back together, but their rekindled relationship did not last long.

Paul also mentioned reconnecting with another cast member, Amber Wilder, with whom he strongly connected during the show. However, he clarified that they never started a relationship.

In the “Love is Blind: After the Altar” reunion special, Micah and Paul confirmed that they had cut ties with each other after discovering their relationship “overlap.”

After their breakup, Micah and Paul both moved on to new relationships. Micah recently debuted a new boyfriend, while Paul has been in a relationship with Geneva Dunham.

Micah Lussier Net Worth

Micah Lussier’s net worth is estimated to be between $300K USD to $500K USD.

As a marketing manager, she likely earns a solid salary, although her exact net worth is not publicly available.

Her estimated net worth of $400k reflects her dedication and hard work. Micah has also collaborated with numerous fellow influencers, celebrities, and brands, which may have contributed to her net worth.

While her appearance on “Love is Blind” may have boosted her fame and earnings, it is unclear how much of her net worth is directly attributed to the show.

Overall, Micah Lussier is an accomplished marketing professional and reality TV star with a growing net worth.

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