Tyler Stanaland New Girlfriend

Who Is Tyler Stanaland New Girlfriend After Divorce With Brittany Snow?

Tyler Stanaland New Girlfriend news is trending on Twitter as many fans are curious about his love life after the divorce.

Tyler Stanaland is a licensed real estate agent with The Oppenheim Group in Laguna Beach, California. His personal life, particularly his romance with actress Brittany Snow, brought him public notice. 

Tyler rose to stardom in August 2022 after joining the Netflix series Selling the OC cast. This series premiered on August 24, 2022. According to People, Stanaland discusses his co-star Kayla Cardona’s attempt to kiss him twice.

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Tyler Stanaland New Girlfriend After Divorce With Brittany Snow

Tyler Stanaland’s romantic life has been the topic of suspicion since his divorce from Brittany Snow. Tyler Stanaland has not confirmed a new relationship, but there have been hints and suspicions about his love life.

Tyler Stanaland’s on-screen relationship with Alex Hall has gotten much attention in Season 2 of Netflix’s “Selling the OC.” Their love tension, emphasized by a hot tub make-out moment, has piqued fans’ interest in their relationship status. 

Tyler Stanaland New Girlfriend
Brittany Snow, Tyler Stanaland spend the night together post-split (source: Pagesix)

Despite the show’s fascinating moments, Tyler and Alex have refuted dating rumors in public interviews. This ambiguity has further fanned conjecture about the nature of their relationship, leaving fans curious about their future.

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Tyler Stanaland was seen with an unknown woman on Valentine’s Day while shopping in Newport Beach. He has not, however, formally verified his relationship status with this person. 

Furthermore, his association with Alex Hall in Dubai sparked allegations, but Alex stated they were only friends.

Tyler Stanaland’s love life is a source of speculation and ambiguity, with no official confirmation of a new relationship since his divorce from Brittany Snow.

Who Are Tyler Stanaland Parents? Family Explored

Tyler Stanaland, a well-known American surfer, realtor, and television personality, hails from a real estate family.

John Stanaland, Tyler’s father, is a real estate agent who owns the John Stanaland Group. He works in real estate, a critical element of the Stanaland family’s heritage.

Tyler Stanaland New Girlfriend
John Stanaland, Tyler’s father, is a real estate agent (source: Localemagazine)

While specifics concerning Tyler Stanaland’s mother, Lisa Cameron, are few, she is a member of Tyler’s family.

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Trevor Stanaland, his brother, is also a professional surfer. Trevor shares Tyler’s love of surfing and is a member of their family’s interest in water sports.

His choice to join the Oppenheim Group and appear on the reality TV show “Selling the OC” was a big step in his career. Although he left his family’s real estate company, his family, particularly his father, John Stanaland, supported his decision.

Tyler Stanaland’s family has a long history in the Orange County real estate market, making it an appealing area for them to live and work.

Tyler Stanaland is well-known for his accomplishments in surfing and the real estate industry and his family history. 

He is also known for his marriage to actress Brittany Snow, whom he married in 2020. Tyler’s varied interests and talents help to shape his multidimensional public presence.


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