Who Killed Chalino Sanchez

Who Killed Chalino Sanchez? Chalino Sanchez Autopsy Report

Who Killed Chalino Sanchez? Many are curious about his killer and his autopsy report.

Rosalino “Chalino” Sánchez Félix was a singer-songwriter from Mexico. He was dubbed “El King del Corrido” after his death and is widely regarded as one of the most prominent narcocorrido singers of the late twentieth century. He was a forerunner in Mexican music.

He was a forerunner in Mexican music. He began writing songs for inmates who had stories they wished to preserve in the form of a ballad. Chalino also wrote and performed romantic and radio-friendly songs.

Chalino has played at several California locations, including the El Parral Nightclub in South Gate, California, El Puma De Sinaloa, and El Farallón. In addition, he appeared at the Keystone Ford Show and Noches de Taconazo. During this period, he formed Los Amables del Norte, with whom he likely produced his most acclaimed work.

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Who Killed Chalino Sanchez? Death Explored

The mysterious death of Chalino Sanchez, a great Mexican corrido singer, has captivated fans and music enthusiasts. 

Chalino Sanchez was well-known for his emotionally charged songs, frequently reflecting the difficulties of living in Mexico. His own life, though, was marred by tragedy.

Who Killed Chalino Sanchez
Vallejos and her late husband Sanchez. (source: Legit)

Four months after the Coachella incident, on 15 May 1992, during a concert at the Salon Bugambilias in Culiacán, Chalino was handed a note from someone in the audience. The note is considered a death threat, but this has not been proven. 

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In a video of the song “Alma Enamorada,” Chalino crumples up the note before singing it. Chalino drove away from the club around midnight with two brothers, a cousin, and several young women. A squad of armed men in black Chevy Suburbans pulled them over. 

They presented their state police ID cards and informed Chalino that their commander wished to talk to him. Chalino concurred and departed with the others in one of their cars.

Around six a.m., two farmers discovered Chalino’s body the following morning along an irrigation canal near Highway 15, the Los Laureles district of Culiacán. He had rope marks on his wrists and was wearing a blindfold. He had received two headshots to the back of his head.

Chalino Sanchez Autopsy Report Explored

The details of Chalino Sanchez’s autopsy were not made public. When it comes to who is the best singer, Chalino Sanchez is at the top of the list. Many believe he was a regional Mexican singer who left a musical legacy.

According to accounts, Chalino would sell his self-recorded cassette tapes wherever he went in his truck. Eduardo Gallego, a drug-addled local mechanic, ended the life of the all-time great vocalist.

Who Killed Chalino Sanchez
Chalino Sanchez during his performance (source: Billboard)

He was well-known for his mythologized “Veliens” (drug smugglers). Tragically, his life was cut short when a cold-blooded murderer murdered him. Narcocorridos are said to be illegal because they involve drug-related violence and other illicit activities.

How he died suggested the involvement of several notorious cartels. According to the authorities, Chalino was blinded and bound to his wrist, as evidenced by rope markings. Sanchez was shot in the head twice, according to the authorities.

Those who supported narcocorridos were made to pay dearly. Sanchez was assassinated by armed individuals who pretended to be police officers. There was no evidence to point to a suspect in his murder; hence, no one was arrested.

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